Jeff turns 42.
Andrew turns 5.
Jeff takes the 3 older kids white water rafting in West Virginia.
I try to not have nightmares, imagining my children standing on the edges of cliffs.
Isaac starts high school!
Matt practices soccer and fishing.
Mom and Dad travel to California for a romantic getaway.
With the baby.
Abbey turns 12.
Kids start school.
Mom cries when the bus pulls up.
Tears of sorrow...no, joy.
Surprise the kids with an amusement park one day.
Jeff and I are both amused...that we didn't hurl into garbage cans after being dragged on every roller coaster imaginable.
I go on a Snoopy rollercoaster 7 times in a row. No kidding.
Kids start cross country.
Andrew kicks butt...coming in third to last almost every time.
Amuses the crowds with smiles and high fives.
That might have been the problem.
Decide on a pirate theme for home made costumes.
Eat 73,546 calories...all in snack size candy bars.
Play outside in beautiful weather all month long.
Patrick loves his food...keeps on growing....and walking!

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