Some Special Equations

Jeff+Soccer Concussion+Splitting Headache+Stock Market + Freaked Out Client's+High Schooler's Algebra Homework=Crabby DaddyTeething baby+Bored Little Boys+Beautiful Night=Night Walk
Big Curb+Too Fast=Gaping Chin
Gaping Chin+Algebra Exam Help from Dad=Mom Takes 2 Boys and 1 Baby to ERBusy Er+Gross People+One Hour of Waiting Room=Another Good IdeaNiece's Husband (Plastic Surgeon)+Phone Call=Awesome Stitch Job in Private OfficeTired Baby+Tired Parents+Tired Kids=BED TIME FOR ALL


  1. Oh man, you all had a rough night! Hope today is starting out better :-)

  2. (((OH NO))))

    Of course we had our own little accident a few weeks back. It is nice to know the "right" people when a child is injured.

    Hopefully today will be a lot less eventful.

  3. Wow -- what a night! I hope everyone is doing better now!

  4. I hope he is ok!! Not a good night for any of you!! I always say...tomorrow will be a better day. Hopefully that's true, and your day is better today!

  5. Yikes! You need to come to the beach :)