Bib Making

I've had this great idea (with encouragement from my sister in law Rose) to make a couple of massive size, reversible bibs for Patrick...I'm copying an old bib that Andrew had that I've never been able to find more of. So far 2 bibs took me far too long. When I sew it seems like it can never go smoothly. Maybe if I set up a proper work station instead of kneeling in my laundry room, or maybe if I really read the manual that came with the sewing machine, it would help. And I'm always in this rush to get things done before the baby wakes up, or Andrew needs lunch, so that doesn't help either. By the time I'm done, I question whether it was worth the hassle. I think this time the answer is yes, because they are super cute and cost just a couple dollars.
Next sewing project are the kid's Halloween costumes...can't wait to go the store this weekend. That's the fun part.


  1. That bib is the best. You are so talented.


    Ps the baby is rather cute too. Hee hee

  2. Such a clever idea! You should list a few on etsy.com. They're perfectly big. Makes me wonder why I ever used those tiny ones that barely cover their shirts.

  3. Oversized bibs...what a great idea! Why DO bibs for babies only cover a tiny bit of their shirt? Great idea!
    What costumes are you making? You seem extremely talented:o)