Thinking, Playing, Reading

I've been listening to this podcast by Father Timothy Gallagher and I'm loving it.  I ordered his book also, which looks heavy but I want to reinforce the podcasts that I am listening to. 

We've been baking lots of cookies and I'm slowly putting my house back together after getting new carpet.  Doing all this one-handed.  It's not easy and so slllooowwww.  Which is annoying to me.  Because I was getting so frustrated I made a future and now to-do list.  My future to-do list is 38 items long but that doesn't overwhelm me-it's getting them off my brain and onto paper that is have the fun and feels so good.

I am trying to get my Top Ten gifts ideas ready for after Thanksgiving-hoping typing gets easier. 

Meanwhile one of our favorite winter activities are puzzles-the big ones that everyone can sit down and work for a few minutes or hours on boring nights and weekends.  Our library has lots on loan.  It is easier for us now without toddlers-I know that's impossible when little hands are reaching up and can take down weeks of work in one quick minute. :)


We are reading this book for our book club this month and it's JUST my type of book, and I can not put it down.  I have to keep reminding myself that this is a modern day book-it seems like her experience in North Korea had to happen in the early 1900's-just the level of violence and starvation and mistreatment of humanity.  It's a really good book.


  1. I love Discernment of the Spirits. I read it years ago and still find it so helpful in sorting though things. You will love it!

  2. I am reading Kitchen Privileges by Mary Higgens Clark which is stories about her life. It is an easy read, and I always enjoy reading about people's triumph's and sorrows.

    Also, I'd love to see what carpet you chose. We are currently shopping for carpet and it seems to be a hard decision to make - it's so permanent....ya know?

  3. I ordered The Choice on your recommendation and am riveted so far. Our last book club read was not my type of book at all, always interested in your choices :)

  4. noting these books to put on my long to-be-read list. somehow I had fallen off your subscription list, went searching today & found you again. I've been reading back through past few months posts. I'm so sorry to learn of your breast cancer & now your fall. Grateful that you are healing. My two sisters both had sudden diagnosis of breast cancer, like you - no family history, no predispositions. Fortunately they are doing well after surgeries, chemo & radiation but the fear is always present. I noticed in October someone commented they thought you lived in Iowa. I thought you lived in Maryland, so was really surprised to find Ohio as your home. I'll have to drive to Perrysburg some day soon & check out your display. I live near Dayton, Ohio.