Thinking, Playing, Reading

Of how busy October was and how much I struggled with that busyness.  I don't like when I am forced to say "Next week will be easier" to myself . I know sometimes that is just the way life is-one week I think had six or seven doctor/dentist appointment between me and the kids, and as all moms know, those can really throw off the entire day.  I have been also working on getting a new better routine going with work while the kids are in school, but still keeping myself happy with what my own expectations are for my home and my brain.  I was writing out a list this morning of what is most important to me.  That's for another blog post but just taking the time to meditate and write on that helps so much.

Well it's been cold and rainy and now it's dark so early.  BLAH.  TV rules are enforced because that seems always the draw and is frustrating when we have a house filled with quality toys and games.  Janey has been playing school so much lately and leaving little notes for us everywhere.  She is going so strong on the reading-sometimes getting frustrated especially when she wants me to help or doesn't want me to help.  I have to guess.  We worked out a system where she taps the table if she wants me to say the word.  No tap, no help.

Fancy Nancy Beginning Reading Books

What is your guess?
So darn cute.


Just finished the most amazing must-read book.  It's a tough one in terms of so much suffering but this woman is amazing.  I have so many pages turned down of quotes I want to write in a journal. 

Basically this is the lesson in the book:

"It's the first time I see that we have a choice: to pay attention to what we've lost or to pay attention to what we still have."

It is the PERFECT book for November.


  1. I always love your book recommendations! Thank you!

  2. My interpretation: Mom, I love you so much. You are the best mom ever. You make the best cookies and the best brownies.

  3. I LOVE so much about this post. First of all, Janey's note! I agree with Lily - you are the best mom and you make the best cookies and brownies! It is so precious that Janey took the time and effort to write this note. Also, the tap on the table for help is genius! It gives her the independence to work on her own, but also the reassurance that help is just a tap away! xo