Thinking, Playing, Reading

I mentioned awhile ago that when I couldn't go to Mass I started listening to homilies on podcasts.
One of my favorite priests is Father Matt Pennington, out of San Luis Obispo CA, a place I never knew existed and after a little investigation seems like Utopia.  He never fails to inspire me and guide me and comfort me-I listen in the car, or on a walk, or when I clean my kitchen floor.


Janey received these paint markers for her birthday and she loves them.  They feel like glue sticks, but the paint goes on dry and they are so fun to use-one of those easy things for a parent/child activity because they are fun for us too-even the boys were sitting around the table using them.

Another cute gift that we both :) enjoyed, and is half price at Amazon right now-we loved it enough that I would buy it again for Christmas and keep a few on hand for birthday gifts.

The End of Normal

I found this book randomly and it looked interesting.  It's an easy read, and very intriguing but also powerful in terms of "another side of the story".  (I am completely unfamiliar with most of what happened when it comes to this subject, so I read it without judgment.)   I felt like it was a very honest, genuine, courageous book to write, from the perspective of Mark Madoff's widow. 


  1. Thank you for the recommendations, Sarah.
    I just ordered the book!
    Have a cozy Tuesday.

  2. Thanks so much for this we love near San Luis Obispo and often vacation there and have never heard of him! My daughter hopes to go to Cal Poly for college in that town so good to hear this. There is a mission there I am wondering if that’s his parish.

  3. Thanks for the book recommendations. I have so many on my list! I just finished a great book. Beartown by Fredrik Backman. A lot to think about and a different style of writing that I grew to really like.

  4. Just gotta say, I'm so glad to see your posts coming regularly again and know you are doing so much better. I've missed you.

  5. Father Matt is our parish priest! He is the best. My kids pay attention to his homilies because he’s so good at delivering a story and so full of joy.
    By the way, I’m a SAHM (with a law degree) of five kids. The oldest starts college on Monday, the youngest kindergarten.
    Thank you so much for the encouragement and inspiration you’ve shared over the years.
    And yes, San Luis Obispo is paradise, if you can afford the housing prices.

  6. I just finished The End of Normal. Wow, powerful story. Like you, I don't even remember hearing the Madoff name, so I had no preconceptions. Just wow.