Encouragement For The Week


  1. Thank you for this! I'm in a group of lay people called the Daughters of St. Francis de Sales, and I'd forgotten about this one. I need to spend some time making a kid-friendly version of this one because I just dropped off my very sad, nervous first grader at school! He's in the same building where he very happily went to 2 years of pre-k a few mornings a week and full day kindergarten last year, and he's just been SO anxious about first grade! I don't think there's anything specific going on from what I can gather, just fighting with his own thoughts...

    1. Hi Beth. My wife and I just discussed the other day how the most nervous we ever saw our oldest daughter was the first day of first grade, sounds like you know how that goes! Our oldest is now loving 4th grade and barely remembers those jitters. I am certain you will have the same experience with your little guy. Be blessed.

  2. Thank you. Peace to you as well.

  3. Such a beautiful reminder, Sarah.
    Hugs for a peaceful, cozy Monday for you and your family!