Cute Gift Idea and Some Inspiration

I love these kinds of stories-this is a friend's daughter, a fashion major and seamstress, who came up with this neat idea:
"In the fall of 2015, as I was preparing to go away to school I created a few pillowcases with my favorite skylines on them as chic and simple dorm decor. They not only looked fantastic in my dorm, but they also helped me take the comfort of home  to school. Passionate about my new decor, I decided to test the market and create some to sell. 
Over the past 6 months I introduced over 50 different skylines on various accessories, all handmade by myself. As a college student who was homesick, I thought the skyline accessories were the perfect solution for not only myself and those who were homesick, but to people traveling, moving away, growing up, and exploring the world."
A national TV news station did a segment on her and she has been busier than ever.  American Greetings has contacted her, she has her products in local shops, and a celebrity actress started selling them in her store.  (And she is still in college keeping up with classes!)
Most of all I love the inspiration she generates-do what you love, work hard, and create.
Anne Cate's Etsy store is here-I think these would make the cutest Christmas gifts!

These purses come in all sizes from 4x6 to 8x10.

Chicago City Pillowcase - 30x19 - Skyline Silhouette

Shop Anne Cate: www.annecate.etsy.com
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  1. Thanks so much for sharing Annie's story!

  2. I love my Cleveland skyline. Big enough to be a "big city", but look how simple it is compared to the others. Thanks for sharing, will place an order soon!

  3. These are fantastic! Just ordered one for my daughter for Hanukkah-thank you for sharing!

  4. So talented! I ordered one to give as a Christmas gift and I can't wait for it to arrive. Thank you for sharing!