Another Find and A Few Great Deals

Last weekend we went on a bike ride and came upon a small garage sale and found the best deal yet! Two real American Girl dolls for $5 each! Samantha and Kit!

Janey of course, doll lover that she is, gravitated right for them. I thought for sure they couldn't be real American Girl dolls-who would sell those? But they were! I couldn't hand over my money fast enough and the lady who sold them to me said her grown daughters would be so happy that they were in the hands of a little girl who would appreciate them.

Samantha has frizzy hair and loose legs (I will probably have to get her restrung?) and Kit (who I've always wanted) is in great shape. Both have a few small holes in their fabric torsos where a dumb dog bit them-I am going to stitch them up when I have a moment.

No pain, no gain?

Thanks to a tip from a kind mom, I was told if I soak Samantha's hair in diluted fabric softener overnight it will help cure her frizzies.  It worked pretty well.  I came up with that fancy contraption above one afternoon. The funny thing is not one kid (all boys) who used this bathroom asked, "Mom why is there a doll in a bucket upside down on the counter with hair soaking in water?" I honestly don't even think they noticed.

My mom and I got to laughing so hard-here I am with 1,000 things to do and I am playing with a doll's hair. After I rinsed her up, I used some bobby pins and rolled her hair into curls and set her in the sun to dry.  Because you know, I have nothing else to do.  I am feeling a bit insane-it must be some sort of coping technique.

She seems so much happier to me without frizzies. Aren't we all?

I also wanted to share that I was on Amazon this week (shopping for two birthdays coming up) and wanted to tell you about a few of our favorite toys that I noticed were almost half off for some back-to-school special. The prices were so great!

(all the Zoobs are on sale right now-we have the car designer Zoob set also and the boys love it.)
My kids still play with this-it has earned five stars on Amazon.

But I do have to admit, it's so fun to buy girl toys once again.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Great find on the dolls! Which toys did you dave from Abbey that Janey plays with now?

  2. I am not sure if they still have it or how expensive, but American Girl has a "doll hospital" that you can ship your doll to, and they will repair her good as new. A friend's toddler once used marker on the doll's face and it came back looking great!

  3. Long time follower, just wanted to say I'm so glad you're writing again! And I'm not sure if your willing to share but I'd love to follow you on Instagram if possible. My IG name is the same as listed here. Thanks again for your latest blog posts!

  4. I've tried spraying the diluted fabric softener in the dolls hair but it didn't work! I will have to try the soaking. Can't wait.

  5. Would you consider doing a post about the process of getting abbey and Isaac ready for college and how they handled (and are handling) the process? I am looking for any tips I can get, as I have a son leaving in late September.

  6. Love, love , love this post and you! Thanks for keeping your blog, I have been a following forever and your blog is one of the few I still follow and look forward to. I hope you show the remodel soon when u have time. I also hope I can find you on Instagram - that will make my day!

  7. I love American girl dolls. I'm waiting for grand daughters to be old enough for bitty baby. And I'm so going to start following your Instagram. My circle is very small but at age 52 with lots of kids and grandkids, I learn from you.

  8. When my daughters were younger we sent our American Girl dolls to "hospital" once or twice. You ship them there naked and they come back repaired and wearing a hospital gown, with a sweet little balloon and I think a hospital bracelet as well. I can't remember how much it cost but for the price you paid for the dolls I would imagine you would still be getting a bargain. You could probably find the information on the American Girl's webpage.

  9. What a find on the American Girl dolls! Can't wait for my doll loving 18 month old to get a little bigger so I can buy an American girl doll for her.

  10. HILARIOUS about the doll hair and your boys not saying a word! :-D