A Good Book

I haven't been a great reader this summer, in spite of my big intentions, but I am so glad I didn't return this book before I read it. It was excellent and made me see some things in a different light.  I love when books do that.

Bloodroot is a story of three generations, a cycle of poverty and abuse and mental illness, but also love and magic and salvation set in Appalachia.  It is seeing a way of life behind the eyes of those living it-the humanity, the beauty, the sense of knowing nothing different but needing love to fill holes in the heart.    

Amy Greene in an interview said this, "I also thought about the possibility of hopelessness as a kind of legacy, generation after generation accepting destitution as their lot in life because it’s all they’ve ever known. But while history and the passage of time do play important roles in this story, the familial bond of the characters mattered more to me. It transcends the changing world around them--the landscape changes, their circumstances change, people move in and out of their lives. But their blood ties are permanent."

The story is easy to read-excellent storytelling that flows, and the content is not-sometimes heartbreaking, but it has closure and a beautiful ending.  


  1. I enjoy your book recommendations. From reading your blog occasionally I notice you tend to like books with hardships growing up and the strong women who overcome them. Anyway, I read this one and thought you might like it. It reminds me a wee bit of "Glass Castle." It is called "The Distance Between Us" http://www.amazon.com/The-Distance-Between-Us-Memoir/dp/1451661789

    1. Thank you Sarah, I've never read it, and it looks great!

  2. I'm thrilled to see you blogging regularly again! My favorite blog!

  3. I loved bloodroot- thought it was such a good read. I've been meaning to get to Greene's newest novel all year. I still have your Ellis Island book recommendation sitting on my shelf to read too. I won't have much reading time the next couple weeks, so I'm hoping for some good Fall reading time. And I have to agree with Traci^ -I'm loving all the blogging you've been doing. Your conversation with your pediatrician from the other day was really fascinating.

  4. You might also like Christy by Catherine Marshall if you haven't read it yet. It also takes Appalachia and while it calls out some of the challenges it doesn't focus or dwell on them but more matter of fact.

  5. Thank you! I love your recommendations and can't wait to start this one!