Friday, August 28, 2015

"A Failure of Imagination"-A Must Read Essay

This is a rich, incredible essay on life and it's sanctity by Sarah Clarkson.  I don't think I've ever read anything as powerful-every paragraph-as this one.

"I am convicted, as I encounter the Planned Parenthood debacle, that one of the best ways I can affirm and defend the value of the unborn child is to create a narrative in my action and words that affirms my belief that children are a gift from God. I hope that these undercover videos will provoke, not just outrage and anger, but a renewed commitment to lives, homes, and creative works that celebrate children, make room for them, affirm their value not just as infants but at every stage of growth. I hope that we embrace anew the hard and beautiful work of raising, training, educating, watching, and caring for the children in our lives with love, grace, and verve. And I hope that we learn to invite those who have never tasted the beauty of childhood into the stories we create."
Sarah Clarkson


  1. It is absolutely fine to be pro-life (and pro-choice because guess what, this is the United States and abortion is legal for a reason): but do not promote the FALSE narrative that is the heavily edited and spliced planned parenthood videos. The organization that released these videos admitted just 2-3 days ago that they spliced and edited the video 42 times to promote a narrative that served their purposes. Do not promote lies, promote truth.

    1. Here are my thoughts on the Planned Parenthood videos:
      I think the reason the Planned Parenthood videos have shocked most of our nation because they show the truth of what goes on behind closed doors. The language used, the disregard for the dignity of women and their babies, and the tiny humans themselves-the cavalier why they are discussed, and then butchered in the name of science (for profit or not) is what is most shocking. All news videos are edited and spliced, they show a small part of an entire interview or incident-they give the viewers a small snap shot of what the creator thinks is important. These are no different. We have the ability to view the interviews in their entirety and also read the transcripts in their entirety on the Center for Medical Progress site here if you are interested:

    2. Thank you, Bomb in a Birdcage for stating the facts about the videos.

    3. Liz, I wonder if you or the person behind the comment I responded to, did indeed, read the entire transcripts of the videos? I could fairly say that most of what I found deeply disturbing and morally despicable was only a small part of what was shown in the shortened videos made by the Center for Medical Progress. The piece I linked to by Sarah Clarkson does not examine the questionable legality of the business practices of Planned Parenthood, as much as it discusses the brutal horror of abortion and the casual shocking way baby parts are discussed, dissected, picked apart and bartered over by employees of Planned Parenthood and those companies that they are involved with (i.e. Stem Express). I know you have read Planned Parenthood's defense of the videos, but I would encourage you to also read the entire transcripts, as Planned Parenthood has their own "narrative" also.

  2. That was a powerful essay. Thanks for sharing!

  3. @bomb in a birdcage: your comment that "abortion is legal for a reason" reminded me of an excerpt of Abby Johnson's book (a former planned parenthood director turned pro-life after witnessing firsthand an abortion) where college kids where being asked if abortion was moral. Their reply - "it must be moral if it is legal." They were then asked if they could think of any other laws in US history where an issue was once legal but today would under no circumstance be considered moral. Since they could of course come up with such examples, they realized the error of their reasoning. And in reading Norma McCorvey's books (the Roe in Roe v. Wade) it becomes apparent how few people actually decided that abortion would become legal and how Norma McCorvey was taken advantage of for "the cause." Not to mention that Roe of Roe v. Wade never even had an abortion, went on to work with planned parenthood, and after doing so is now fully pro-life.