Ordinary Days

The snow is melting!  
And it's muddy.  Really, really muddy.
But it feels good to be outside.

We've gone on a walk every day this week, around the block once or more.

March madness.  Go Michigan!  My bracket is in shambles, but I love when underdogs win. The celebration afterwards is so fun.   Except MI is not an underdog, and I still want them to win, just to make that clear.

Celebrating the first day of spring with Mr. Freeze.  I'm not sure why Patrick looks so concerned.
I had none, I gave up sugary treats for Lent.
And for diet purposes.

And this little one.  Oh boy.  She'll be nineteen months on Sunday and she is so cute. God made this age cute, because we just have to love them, we have to, if not, we'll go a little side of crazy.  
The messes really don't matter anyways, I don't remember the gajillion messes I've cleaned up from toddlers, but I will always crave those darn chubby cheeks, and soft skin and little pitter patters of feet. 

(August 2012-Isaac came home after his first week of his freshman year of college to see his new sister Janey.)

I was thinking this week of how quickly time has flown since Janey has been born...how much everyone in the family changes, how things do get easier after that first year.  Not tons easier, but just easier.  And how at the same time, looking at those photos of those blurry days, make me miss them too.  
Life is good.
Muddy, but good. ;)
PS. If you haven't seen it yet, Erin has an interview (she is doing a whole series on Vintage Mothering-such a cool idea!) with Violet, who raised her children in the 1950's.  Reminds me of how much I take for granted. 


  1. Oh it's melting and muddy here in Neenah, WI too, but, oh how wonderful to be outside. We had a bonfire tonight. This afternoon, I read for awhile on my back porch in the sun even though it was only 40. To be able to be outside is just wonderful.

  2. She is so adorable. enjoy 19mo. because my baby is 4 already.

  3. I was just thinking this morning that I wished I had a one year old with chubby legs! I miss that so very much. I would have the best time cuddling and dressing a little girl. I was able to do that two times with a girl and 5 times with a little baby boy...but I still wish there was one more!

  4. Oh my, Janey is so precious!! And, I cannot get over the picture of Isaac holding her. I remember the two of us talking college and Janey's arrival!! Stop the clock!!

  5. It's so fun to see Janey looking so big! And boy, those blog posts on getting fit were amazing. Although now I am utterly depressed that I have been running (my kids call it walking) for two years with little change on my outward body and that maybe it's going to require some resistance work....I think I am too resistant to the idea! Or too lazy. One day I was going to do the 100 pushups a day challenge. I made it through day 1 - with about 10!

  6. The deacon from our parish graduated from high school with your uncle, the coach of Michigan. He said what a great person he is and what a great family. Good Luck to Michigan, but go Iowa State! Love reading your blog, especially the Catholic perspective, keep up the great writing!

  7. Dear Sarah, million thanks for your real life posts! YOU are one of my main supports when nobody around me seem to share the same values as I do regarding mothering.

    Sweet Janey is adorable - so many things that need to be fixed in the pantry and they are all calling her name! ;-)

    I so enjoy "Vintage Motherhood"!! Thanky you for the link!

    May God bless you and your beautiful family! All the best and kisses from Europe!

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  9. That is NOT Janey?!! When did she get so big?! I can't believe it…it happened over the winter…BAM she skipped right out of babyhood and into toddler, little kid phase!!

  10. Just want to eat those super soft arms! I can't believe how fast they grow. Why won't it slow down??