Ordinary Days

I'm tired of being cold.  I'm tired of the boots and hats and coats and scarves littering my home.  I want the snow to melt.  I want kids outside playing and open windows.  I want the smell of spring.  I want green!

I want to look out my window and see this:
It's heaven on earth!

Only a few weeks (months) to go right?

Last week Janey had a visitor...a  friend who was born just days before her, and whose mom happens to be a good friend of mine.  And my age also.  And has the spread of ages that I do. But this little one is her eighth!  

Here they were as babies, just a few (more than that) months ago.

Today I am grateful for:
The promise of spring. (See photo.)
Good friends. (Camaraderie and support.)
A warm house. (Zero degrees outside.)
A mission accomplished this week. (Abbey's room clean-out..looks spic and span!)
Healthy kids. (Knock on wood.)
A little organization. (I re-printed my cleaning schedule because I need the reminder to stay on top of it all.)


  1. I love your ordinary days posts! I am in Canada and we have had over 60cm of snow since October. We are finally having a nice week this week and it has made me so itchy for spring!!! I have been on full on organizing mode this week too. Feels really good to have a bunch accomplished. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I'm so happy you have a friend in your same shoes. It's good to have friends like that close by. You can come to Texas any time you want for a change of weather! I know someone in Fort Worth who would love to have a visitor, or two, or 8 ;)

  3. Really like your grateful list it is good to focus on what is good. We have just had cooling rain - so good for the garden and will save watering this evening - Australia Day weekend is looking like it will be a warm one.

  4. I think I'm going to have to stop reading your blog until Janey grows up a little bit more. Every time you post pictures of her, I WANT ANOTHER BABY!!!!!!!!!!