Menu For The Week

Minestrone Soup
Homemade Bread (in bread maker)

Zucchini Crab Cakes
Egg Noodles with Parmesan or Four Cheese Bow Ties

Asian Chicken Salad
Baked Potatoes
Fortune Cookies

Beef Stroganoff (from Our Best Bites)

Guacamole (I make my own with avocados of course, a little salt and a little chopped onion and cilantro)


Answers to questions from last week:
I have a bread making question: do you make all of the bread your family eats (including sandwiches)? I am wanting to take the plunge on a bread maker but am interested if it is as economical as I imagine. Thank you!
Definitely not!  I love my bread maker but I buy store bought bread for almost all of our sandwiches.  I do love grilled cheese on the bread maker bread-it's thicker and not as soft so my kids wouldn't love that with just their every day peanut butter and jellies.  I use it mainly for bagels, and buns, and "side dish" breads.

Question: I thought I read you were a vegetarian awhile back. Do you alter your family menu for yourself? I ask because I would like to become a part-time vegetarian and am looking for recipes the family will eat too
You did read I was a vegetarian awhile back.  I have been on and off for 20 years. Since I was pregnant with Janey I have been eating meat, and although I try here and there to cut down, since I'm still nursing, I just feel like my body needs it.  When I have eliminated meat from my diet in the past, I have either made the whole family a non-meat meal, or made myself something separate-maybe a huge salad, or whole wheat pasta topped with tons of sauteed veggies (that's my favorite).  


  1. Are you planning to let sweet Janet pants self-wean? Have you done that with all your littles? Mine is 1 soon and weaning terrifies me-but so does another year or two of nursing! Any tips or experiences you can share?

    1. Hi Dessie-I will answer this in a separate post coming soon. :)

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  3. Thanks for sharing your weekly menu...I made your chicken nuggets last week and they were a hit in my house!

  4. I saw the vegetarian question. I am a vegetarian and have been for 25 years. I have four children some who have also opted to go veggie. One Dish Vegetarian Meals is newer cookbook I use alot because the meals are fairly easy and quick to the table. Plus they've been family pleasers! Just wanted to share in case anyone was interested. Thanks always for your blog. I am also enjoying the weekly meal plans. Sparking ideas around here too!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Sterrell! I will check into that cook book! :)

  5. Thank you for the weekly menus. I love to see what "real", practical moms put on the table for their families. I am committed to feeding my family well and you have affirmed for me it doesn't have to be complicated and fancy to achieve. I look forward to all your posts, but the recent ones with the menus have been especially helpful. Off to grocery shop; ingredients for the potato soup are on the list!

  6. I love the weekly menus with links. Thank you Sarah!

  7. My husband would love for me to have a weekly menu. Yours looks fantastic!

  8. Oh I love getting new ideas for meals! I meal plan (most weeks) and it saves us $$ but mostly it saves my sanity! No looking in the fridge at 4:00 wondering what to have!

  9. I just made the zucchini crab cakes last night, they were really delicious! I love the menus, too, giving me some new ideas outside of my normal tacos, spaghetti, and home made soup rut!

  10. Thank you for the weekly menus. It is wonderful to have new recipes to make. Last night we made the four cheese bow ties (or shells in our case!) and it was delicious! We will certainly make this again.

    Thank you again for sharing! (and for providing the recipe)

  11. I made your Asian Chicken Salad recipe tonite. I made it for my family and they loved it...there wasn't one bite left! I made a few changes...added fresh broccoli (cut into small pieces) and mushrooms and omitted the cabbage & onions. Substituted cashews for the almonds. Also, I made about 2 pounds of chicken which I sauteed in canola oil and served along/atop the salad. Very tasty! Thanks for posting this recipe, as well as your other meal plans:) hugs, cathy

  12. I have that same bread machine. For the first time last night I used it to bake meatloaf. Have you tried that yet? It came out great! I think it will be my preferred method for baking it now.