For My Parents

Especially at this time of year, I am grateful for my parents.  I could name a million reasons why, but more than ever, it's the quiet, simple, non-materialistic lifestyle they chose to raise me and my siblings in.  I will always have the fondest memories of the Christmas season, mainly because it revolved around Advent, the lighting of the candles every night at dinner, saying special prayers, and counting down to the birth of Jesus.

It takes effort and more work to keep the real reason of Christmas at the forefront in our children's lives, (and probably more difficult than ever today), but my mom and dad did it so well, so consistently.  It is very inspiring to me.  This lifestyle carried over into the whole year also-work and service and doing your best and being grateful for all we had-was always at the forefront of our daily life, of course, shown first by the example they set, and then by the habits and rules and education they provided us.

As I grow older I have realized more and more that my parents are one of a kind-just really really special, truly admirable people with incredible work ethics and the purest set of values.  How lucky I was to be born to them, and to be loved by them.  I am eternally grateful.


  1. I have loved so many of your posts, since I landed here a while back. This one is no different. I cherish how your words convey your faith and conviction. In a world that values family and marriage less and less, special parents ARE a treasure. A precious gift from God.
    Happy Thanksgiving Sarah.

  2. I love the stories of your family and growing up. It seems like you had the best childhood. And now you're making your kids' childhood just as wonderful. Happy Thanksgiving :)

  3. I love this. We should all get our parents to write a book. Or at least record them telling stories. I wish I had my grandparents voices telling their stories because I'm forgetting them already :)

    Happy Thanksgiving, Sarah!

  4. I see Janey in that bottom middle picture...

  5. I see Janey in that bottom middle picture...