For Matthew

 Who hates having his photo taken.

And always makes me laugh.  

Matt is so helpful to me, especially with Patrick (who adores him) and Janey (he can really get her laughing.)
He is going to be a terrific husband and father one day for sure.
Matt is good at and works hard at everything he does.  He has the sort of brain that soaks in knowledge and spits it back out again.  
And I've recently discovered, he's a really good writer also.
He is a joy to raise and always has been and I am so grateful that this little boy was born into our family fourteen years ago.


  1. Why does he like pictures? He is such a handsome, young boy! I think all of us readers would like to see more of Mr. Matthew. I personally wish that you would keep having babies every couple of years. They are all beautiful! AND you and your husband are wonderful examples of good parenting. Thanks for blogging!

  2. Aw he looks like Isaac in that photo! Maybe he can guest post for you. I'm not surprised that any of your kids would have good writing skills!

  3. Very touching! I agree, I'd love to hear more about Matthew!!! I am not surprised that you have wonderful children, through your blog, it sounds like you and your husband are amazing examples.

  4. I'm a faithful reader, but never comment. Just wanted to say a quick thank you for your thankful series. It inspired me to start my own and it's really helped with my perspective. Thanks for the time you put into it. :)

  5. Love these posts dedicated to each of your kids Sarah! They are each so special. Just like their mom. :)