For Isaac, and Andrew and Jeff

I have a little gratitude post catching up don't I?  It's the last day of November and I can't believe it. (Lately, I've been saying that at the end of every month.)
So these three guys are going to have to share one post, and it's fitting because they are a lot alike.
First up, Isaac, who is at the bottom of that pile, above.
Isaac takes being the oldest brother seriously.  He truly misses the kids when he's gone at college and they really miss him.  (Yes, you do Abbey, just admit it, even though he drives you crazy sometimes, I know you miss him!)  
Isaac has been just about the best first-born child I could have had.  He is tolerant of my worries and of my lectures and is respectful of our rules.  He likes to hang around here too which is nice.
And seriously, one of the things I like best about Isaac is that he always compliments by cooking and eats everything I make, no matter how delicious or not delicious.   

Next, Andrew, my biggest helper.
He always has something funny to say and can lighten the mood pretty quick if need be.
He is a hard worker and I appreciate the help he gives me so much.
He and Janey are best buddies and he is going to be such a great Dad one day. 

(Jeff and Abbey at the Father Daughter Dance.)
He does so much for me and our kids, and nothing for himself really.
He is always on the go, coaching someone's team, which means he comes home from hectic days at work, shoves some food in his mouth, and goes right back out to run a practice with a whole bunch of kids, and that's almost all year long.
If it's not coaching it's something else-he considers his role as a husband and father more important than anything else in life.
He works so hard for us, and I appreciate his endless support and love.
I need him desperately, I can't do this teenage to baby mothering dealeo without him, I know that for sure.


  1. I have enjoyed your Thankful series. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I wish you all a beautiful Christmas season and a safe, happy and healthy New Year!

  2. Dear Sarah, I am thankful for your blog. I enjoy it so. It makes my heart happy to know that there are still traditional families like yours. Your children are all so beautiful, inside and out. You and Jeff are great parents and of course that is why your children shine such bright lights. Blessings!

  3. Aww… so sweet! I loved your thankful series SO much! It’s been such a wonderful reminder of how many small blessings we have when we just take the time to look around! Thank you!

  4. Beautiful.
    I'd love to read a guest post from Jeff; his look on life with a big family, balancing work and family life.