Looming Days

I thought I would share this with you right before summer boredom hits hard.  This toy is definitely making the cut when it comes to our favorite toys/gifts.  I have no affiliation with this company at all, just thought I might save another mom from the "I have nothing to do!!!" summer whines...but I wouldn't mind if they saw this post and sent me a lifetime supply of rubber bands. :)

I think it has been sweeping the nation so you might have heard of it already.  I know in my neck of the woods it is THE favorite activity for grade school kids.  Andrew came home from school the last week and begged me to take him to a local toy store to purchase a Rainbow Loom.  I happily obliged because heck, if there is something that will keep these kids busy in a creative way I jump on it.

He taught himself completely from You Tube videos and tutorials he found on the Rainbow Loom website. There were classes being held at the little toy store also, but that was one more activity I was NOT adding to our already full days. We went back for more rubber bands he bought with even more of his hard-earned lawn cutting money, and scrounged around for this old Lego (craft) container to keep himself organized.

At a little local toy store it was about $15 and there are plenty of rubber bands that come with the kit to get off to a good start.  The refill bands are sorted by colors are about $4-but some are "hot" and Andrew put himself on a waiting list for a few and it's been weeks.  Every time the store calls and says, "We have the (insert color) bands in now" you'd think he just won the lottery and we only have five minutes to pick up our millions.

Here is the link to the Rainbow Loom site if you can't find a store near you.  Amazon also has them but for a few dollars more.