Ordinary Days

I woke up on the second last day of June and found her hanging by a thread.  I had to laugh...I said, "I know JUST how you feel June. But we made it!  We survived-just barely, but we survived."  
I might wake up and have a conversation with a wall calendar but I'm still standing.  

Little boy legs...covered with bruises and scrapes always.  

Miss Dare Devil showing off.  

And in my favorite dress.

An arsenal.  Dare to enter.

Have you ever done the butterfly kit with your kids?  We have a few times and we've enjoyed it so much.
This was a Christmas gift for Andrew and of course we had to wait till warm weather.  He handled the entire process himself and we released some beautiful butterflies.


A summer fort.


  1. I love your living room lamps! I have been searching for some just like it but can't seem to find any :(

  2. You sure are a nice mama to let your kids turn your living room into a fort! I love it when that happens in my house; even a mess is so much better than watching TV.

  3. I live those random, simple, bright summer memories. The ones made at home, with their family are the best.

  4. Sarah,
    I accidentally found your blog while looking for blog headers, which lead me to another blog with the tutorial which lead me here.
    And then I had to sit here with my mouth open for a bit, because my name is Sara and I also live on Clover Lane--which I just found so incredible.
    Your blog is such a great read--I love the living room fort and the arsenal--I have a 9 year old son and our house often looks the same! I also love your inpirational posts of the week.
    Thank you for the blog header tutorial and allowing it to be republished --it's exactly what I was looking for!
    Ordinary days are the best. :)

  5. Love Ordinary Days its what our lives are full of (if we are fortunate). Great fort!

  6. Looks like a great summer so far! My kids both have the same legs--I love it!

  7. funny arsenal!
    and yay janey! so cute.
    cookin your apple roll ups as i type this...again...

  8. I am reading "The Gift of ordinary days" and am starting to do an ordinary days post every Monday. I love celebrating the daily occurrences of life!

  9. Janey's crib set is the same as Sophia's from eight (*gasp*) years ago. I don't know why, but that made me really happy :) I had to laugh about your June - I felt that way about May. I really thought it might kill me. Why do they wait until the last two weeks of school for EVERYTHING?! Phew it made me so happy that school was out (maybe that's why?)!

  10. Love it! We have never tried the butterfly kit but we did plant rue hoping to get stray cats to dig somewhere other than our garden and for two summers now they have been covered with swallowtail caterpillars. We stick a few in a jar and watch the whole process...amazing! Our fourth of this summer is set to come out any day...

  11. I have the exact same calendar and the exact same thing happened to ours in June too!!! :) So funny!

  12. I love your living room colors--but how do you keep the furniture clean when it's so light colored?