Ordinary Days

Janey and I stayed behind for the grand fireworks celebration in our town-we zipped ourselves into the trampoline in our pajamas to listen to the noises, and lasted till the mosquitoes came out.

  A little clean ladybug.

A photo from our "only girls allowed trip" to my hometown. 

Janey with her ice cream-less cone during our Amish country tour.

Too much rain and humidity=indoor boredom.

Too much rain also means that the boys get to earn lots of money from grass that never stops growing.

Stair blockage....these chairs have worked for the last month, but she's going to outsmart me soon.


  1. Slow blogging is perfect...just don't stop! (or at least keep your archives running forever...) Every word that comes out of your mouth I find wise and inspiring. I have a sweet little baby Grace the same age as Janey...and are they delicious right now or what?

  2. Janey is so adorable! I have three boys under 6 and the youngest is 17 months. He's a bit of a wild thing. Quick question....are you happy with your trampoline? My husband and I go back and forth with this, but I finally feel like they have stomach energy and it could be a good thing. What brand do you have and do you recommend it? And is it hard to "control" the craziness that a trampoline can bring? Thanks so much. And just love love love reading your blog.

  3. You have definitely had quite a busy summer thus far. Janey is just precious with her big blue eyes. I am laughing at the stair blockage...my Katie would have thought nothing of it to just climb right over!

  4. that second photo of Janey on the trampoline is priceless! I love her little face!

    And, as always, I totally agree with you on less is more and the internet being a time waster.

  5. I LOVE Amish country... we went there a few years ago and I blogged about it here...
    There is something so wonderfully attractive about the simple life! I'd happily join you, Sarah, and move my whole family there at once. Not sure how the hub would feel about it, but I'm sure the littl'uns wouldn't object!
    So glad you had a wonderful, relaxing time with your girlies!
    Claire x

  6. Noting wrong with slow blogging - quite frankly I don't know how you fit in blogging so much!
    I love "girls only" time.

  7. Qué rápido ha crecido Janey!!!! Son muy lindas tus fotos!! Saludos desde Chile.

  8. I think all of your readers/followers understand re: blogging time. I can totally relate to - what's for dinner? I just finished lunch.- made me smile- i'm pregnant (29 weeks) w/ number 9- I cherish the days I get to just stay home w/ my kids. I'm trying to be better about tv time- it is so much more peaceful and kids find things to do or read. thanks for your inspiration. :)

  9. Good for you for unplugging! Annie had a group of friends over last night (yes, even weeknights I feel like it is a teen hangout - but in a good way) and there was a gaggle of kids playing kickball. What a sight for my eyes! Something that was so common in my day is so lacking in our neighborhood due to no kids! It was good because the older and the younger kids joined in, too. Then they were playing a rousing game of Apples to Apples....but a couple times I had to go yell at them for looking at their Ipods and cell phones! The ever-present connectedness....We are on day 16 of rain. We haven't even had a regular old trip to the beach! It feels a bit strange, this summer. And the lightning speed at which it is traveling....

  10. I love that Janey has this great big, dimpled smile in all of her photos. Such a happy baby.