Mud Cups

Oh, I hate making these things, but my kids love them.  They are allowed to bring a snack for their classmates on their birthdays and when I ask them what they want me to make, in my head (and sometimes out loud) I say, "Please don't say mud cups, please don't say mud cups."  But they usually do.  I made them once for Isaac when he was little-I must have been in some overachieving sort of mood-and I've been stuck making them ever since.  They ARE cute though.  And the kids DO love them.  And they require no baking and are relatively easy to whip up-just a little messy.

For about 30 mud cups you need:
6 large packages of instant chocolate pudding (the 5.9 oz size)
whole milk
Oreo cookies
gummy worms
clear plastic cups

Make all the chocolate pudding according to the directions and carefully pour desired amount into cups.  Crush Oreo cookies and sprinkle on top.
Add a few gummy worms.


  1. How fun that you can make things for school treats. Our schools only allow packaged food. They look like great treats for kids!

  2. love these!! we use to make them every year in my kindergarten class for Halloween!:) something about those simple ingredients.
    have a happy day sarah

  3. Thanks for sharing! My boy's birthday is next week and I've been trying to figure out what to make for their class. These will work great for 20 little 1st graders :)

  4. I love this! I have all boys, so I'm sure it would be a hit. (especially the worm part) :)

  5. Made these, oh my gosh, 28 years ago. I called it 'Dirt Dessert'.