Ordinary Days

Holey, Moley, we are busy here.  May can be crazy can't it?  I keep telling myself in a few weeks things will quiet down, but I won't count on that, just in case.  Soccer and crew and tennis and school are winding down-but of course it first has to wind UP before it winds down.  

I won't have a nice Mother's Day post up this year, I'll be warning you now.  I am too busy doing that mothering thing to even think about Mother's Day.  It always catches me off guard anyways-I've written before I MUCH prefer this little holiday low-key.  No breakfast in bed, or fancy things.  I bought myself a new vacuum a few weeks ago and I'm telling Jeff and the kids they can roll with that for the gift.  I'd rather just have an ordinary day anyways-that's the best gift of all in my book.  

Here's Patrick out waiting for the "boys" to come home off the bus:

And Andrew helping Patrick climb a tree.  He needed a ladder boost:

The three little ones had school off on Tuesday.  We all did some yard work, the reward being, of course, Mr. Freeze.  I wanted to shed some more light on our play area/sandbox so I asked Matt to climb the tree and cut a branch off for me.  He was more than willing than to stand 20 feet off the ground with a saw.

Last weekend we had SEVEN soccer games, no kidding.  (Rain dates caused that little fiasco.) Jeff had to handle five of those between two hours all alone because I was with Abbey at the one regatta I was able to attend this season.  I caught Matt's game on Sunday.  He is a good soccer player and it's fun to watch him.

Over the last 3 weeks I've caught up, here and there, on my scrapbooks.   My motivation was to have Isaac's complete by his graduation party, mission accomplished, and I managed to get the other four caught up at the same time.

Stopped by the library, paid my large fine, and grabbed a few books quickly.  I have NO idea if they'll be good or not...I've already rejected a few by the first chapters.

Abbey's regatta.  Boy oh boy, crew is not for the faint of heart, or the faint of time, or the faint of travel, or the faint of opening your wallet.  (I have said a few times, "Don't you just want to run cross country?  Or how about tennis?  That seems easy enough."  No-she loves the boat and as much as it requires those big commitments above, I do think it's a pretty cool sport.)

This was the "easiest" regatta-a one day event (no hotel stay in another city), and was only about 90 minutes away...on what turned out to be a gorgeous day.  We left at 5 a.m. and returned at about 7 p.m. and that is one long day.

Abbey is in the first boat-looks like they are winning, but the course bends a little so alas, that wasn't the case. I think crew is a little like ballet-it looks so peaceful and pretty, but it is super hard work to get the "peaceful and pretty".  I am dying to get myself into one of those boats just to see what it is like.  I guess they have a parent-try-it day in the summer, but I'll spare myself and Abbey the embarrassment and the risk of a sinking boat and hold off a year.

 At this location, they had one dock to load and unload...which meant the unloading took place in the water.  I cringed when I first saw this-I am not a lake/pond/river swimmer (only ocean on a warm day in clear water) and there is nothing grosser to me than the mush at the bottom of a lake.  My sister-in-law and I had a good laugh because when Abbey got out of the boat to walk in this was her face.  I would have been making the same one. (She is the one in the back with the pink head band.)

I have to laugh because she can barely reach that boat.

Here's a funny video Jeff took of Abbey learning to drive.  She has her temps now, and by golly, she will have her license about 3 weeks after Isaac leaves for college.  An extra driver is a God-send, even with the heart palpitations and endless worry it causes.  She has an issue with using the windshield wipers to put the car in drive but I hear she is actually a great driver (I pass the driving lesson duties to Jeff that's why I don't know firsthand.)


  1. What a cute video! I will CRY when my kids are old enough to drive. But hopefully they will turn out to be great kiddos like yours :)

  2. Oh its such a relief when the oldest can drive and they are so helpful and happy to drop off and pick up other siblings - they feel so independent. Its a bit more nerve wreaking waiting for the car to come up the driveway after a night out. I could never sleep a wink until everyone was home safe and sound!
    Great photos as always.

  3. Watching the video actually made me tear up - my older daughter is a few months younger than your Abbey and this is my future! Love hearing the conversation between her and her daddy- so sweet and fun.

    I'm with you on the mother's day- simple and being the Mom is what I really want to do on that day. (When I had a one year old and a baby I wanted to sleep and be alone...but with a 13 and 14 year old I just crave being with my people, being needed. Funny how perspective shifts!)

  4. That's so awesome that she loves to be in a boat! My sister does adventure races and marathon kayak races. There are not nearly enough girls in the sport. There are times she is the only girl in a race with men!

  5. I would love to know how you keep up with your scrapbooks and how you organize your materials!! Your table seems way to clean! I am so far behind and would love to get going again but I am so overwelmed!!!

  6. Okay, at first I thought you were kidding about Abbey and the windshield wipers. Then I watched the video! Oh my....that made me laugh! She's such a cute girl! Abbey....I used to hit the curb EVERY time I took the car out when I was 15, and turning a corner. I am 32 years old and my mom and dad still tease me about this!

  7. Your little Patrick is the cutest thing how he waits for his siblings like that. : )

  8. Move Robinson's Gilead to the top of your list. It is one of my favorites!! And Abbey's driving video is the best! Can't believe you are going to have a kid on the road!!!! And a babe in your arms!!! You amaze me. Sure love you dear friend.

  9. I'm forever grateful that reading your blog got me started on digital scrapbooking!! I ordered my prints this weekend (for the NSD sale) and LOVE them- as usual!! I really just want to sit and turn the pages of your book there!

  10. Gilead is one my all-time favourite books. For a random pick you did alright!

  11. I sooo need to catch up on my scrapbooking. I'm about a year behind and E is only 2! :) So I'm impressed...you're doing well!

    Abbey is adorable. I still have that same problem with the windshield wipers sometimes too, haha...

  12. I am very far behind in my scrap booking, my basket is overflowing... :-) How do you manage to balance it all as busy as you are? I'm a stay at home mom and full time college student and I am desperately trying to find more hours in the day :-)
    thanks for sharing!


  13. You amaze me with all you get accomplished! Abbey is so cute. Love the video. I remember those days. I was thanking that the girls daddy is a driving instructor on the side!!

  14. Gosh you guys stay busy! No wonder you want a low-key day. It would feel like a vacation! :o) We like to keep Mother's Day small, too. We normally just go out for ice cream because nothing beats a Dairy Queen Cookie Dough blizzard in my opinion! ;o)

  15. I loved Abby's driving video.

    My recollection of my first and only learn to drive with my Dad teaching me featured my Dad having the tanty!
    Wish I had a video of that! He would go viral over YouTube these days.......

    So off to Driving School I went/was sent.

  16. "Don't you just want to run cross country?"
    Ahhh HA HA HA.

    Do you know how many pairs of $150 custom Nike running shoes I have had to buy? Oh and lets not forget the running spikes, and running flats, and flipping $60 matching track pants. LOL

    I may just have to suggest rowing to my daughter... I think it might be less expensive.

    Well, if I don't have to buy a boat that is. :)

    Peace out Girl Scout. Enjoy your Mother's Day.

    I love reading your stories.


  17. I just started Gilead too, I'm not sure if I like it yet, is that one that you rejected? I've heard good things but I'd like to hear your take. Abby is too cute.

  18. I need to get caught up on scrapbooking too. I love your tutorial for digital scrapbooking. I'm so far behind on my kiddos scrapbooks and as soon as we move and get settled in I'm going to carve some of their nap times to getting caught up this way! Thanks.

  19. I love your Ordinary Days posts.

    Happy Mother's Day to one of my favorite mothers who helps me retain the balance I need to survive this motherhood journey.

    Hope you had a good one with your new vacuum :)

  20. How do you do scrapbooks with more than one child? What do you do with photos that have other kids in them? Put a copy in each scrapbook?

  21. I absolutely LOVE that Patrick waits for the kids at the bus stop, it is heartwarming.
    Funny thing about girls learning to drive...they smile and giggle A LOT. My girl still does it and she has her license. It's kind of scarey.