A Quiet Weekend

Last weekend, Jeff took the older kids white water rafting in West Virginia for 4 days with a big group of aunts, uncles and cousins.  I stayed back with Patrick for an enjoyable quiet (but hot!) weekend filled with playing trains, planes and automobiles...and baseball.  We had lots of one-on-one time, let me tell you.  I took him to the toy store for a very special treat and thought I'd be buying more than a $5 sword and a replacement baseball glove.  That's it-he wasn't interested in anything else.  He falls asleep with both in his arms every night.  He couldn't be cuter if he tried.  He can't say his S's...he replaces them with D's.  The other day I asked him a question and he said, "Dure, Mom."  He tries to sound old like his siblings and instead he sounds so darn adorable.

I also bought two Thomas the Train DVD's because I had a little project going that might take up some of my time, and knew that I needed to buy myself an hour here or there.

I always seem to do projects when Jeff is gone.  I don't know why I do this.  He teases me about it.  I always buy something new too.  I don't know why I do that either, because we don't have the type of relationship where I have to hide shopping bags, or sneak around with secret money.  I think it's just because I feel really motivated, like I have some time crunch, to get this goal (whatever the goal might be) to all completed before he walks in the door.  Or in this case, when they walk in the door...all 5 of them.

This year it was the kitchen. A top to bottom scrub down, complete with a paint job.  That was a snap decision...when I drove by Sherwin Williams they had a big sign out front with a 40% off all paint sale going on just that very weekend.  I ended up giving the walls a fresh coat of paint (after Patrick was asleep-I worked till 1 in the a.m.), using my very favorite living room color.  (By the way, there is this great new paint color blog called Favorite Paint Colors, that shows REAL rooms-not the fake decorating magazine kind-my living room color is on there here.)

I touched up all the trim.  I washed the windows inside and out.  I cleaned the cabinets and made them look like new.  I cleaned out the fridge and freezer so you couldn't tell it had ever been used.  I was a man on a mission except insert woman.

So what did I buy new?  Shiny lovely pots and pans.  Aren't they beautiful?  Nothing fancy.  I think fancy is overrated anymore, don't you?  These are Grandma-old-fashioned Farberware I found at Kohls.  Patrick helped me pick them out.  I love them.  I have opened the cabinets just to make sure they are still there several times.  And to admire their shininess.  Shininess is not overrated.

I also bought new rugs.  I have always wanted nice wool rugs but couldn't bite the bullet knowing it would probably cost me close to $1000.  I found this incredible deal by chance at Overstock.com.  I don't even know how I came upon that site but 3 beautiful thick wool rugs that look just like the one in my foyer that I spent a bundle on, cost me under $200 for all.  All of them together.  Not each.  Together. Sum total.  Jackpot!

I did take a chance that the color wouldn't be accurate, but I got lucky and it works perfect with the walls.  I also wanted them to co-ordinate with our dog Sammy and as you can see below, they were spot on.  (You know I'm kidding right? I just have to make sure.)  Please don't think, "Oh that poor dog, he looks so sad."  I swear to you he looks as pitiful as possible on purpose whenever I take his picture.

Anyways, it was so nice to have a little time with Patrick, to have time to start and complete a project, to feel some accomplishment- to have some of my effort last more than 3 minutes.  You all know how that is, I know you do.   I love that.  I love being home, I love making my home look nice.  I loved having a chance to miss my older kids and husband, and have them miss me.  They had so much fun, and what they say is true-absence makes the heart grow fonder.