Tissues and Cake

Dear Patrick-
Happy Birthday Baby Boy!
This last year has flown.
Well, sometimes.
Sometimes it's gone really slow...lactose intolerance and summer break are a couple words that dragged it down to snail's pace.
Still, you are the most enjoyable creature on God's green earth. With you chubby soft skin, your big, bright blue eyes, the way you store food in your cheeks for hours anticipating famine, and that big boy toughness you have...
I've had constant radiating pain on the left side of my neck since you were born. The same side where you seem to like to sit your chubby little bottom in the crook of my arm and see the world from a higher angle. Coincidence, perhaps? Don't think so. I'll look on the bright side and say that besides that neck-ache, you've also given me some amazing deltoid muscles. Or deltoid muscle, singular. I'll take it either way.
I love the way a little chill of panic goes through your body when I catch you on the stairs. You already know you aren't supposed to be there, but that twinkle in your eye and the way you can't move fast enough, makes me laugh. Easily forgiven you will be, buddy. Take advantage of it...it will get you out of many a quandry.
It amazes me that, in a sea of 20 long-haired, pony-tailed 6th grade girls, you can scan the crowd quickly, like a little scud missile, and click right on your sister Abbey. Your face lights up and your arms start a-flappin'. Love that. Your second mommy. You've both learned a lot from each other.
When you watch the boys and Dad run and wrestle and have heated ping-pong tournaments, I can see the frustration in your eyes that your body won't do what your brain wants. You pick up that paddle and see great things happening. But they don't! What gives? A couple years and you'll be there too.
But let's not talk about that. I'm going to enjoy your second year as much as you are. Let's take it slow.
I love you, Paddy.


  1. Happy Birthday Patrick! I can't imagine a cute boy than you! I hoe you have a wonderful day and fistfuls of birthday cake!

  2. Great picture of you two! But can we get some cake pics later??? Those are always the best one-year-old pics! Patrick, Maggie wanted me to tell you that she prefers younger men, so you're still in the running!

  3. What a wonderful note to a sweet little boy! I have something for him, but it will be a little late. I will send it on as soon as it arrives!

  4. HBD little Patrick! What a cutie. Love that picture!