Pizza, Dancing and Furry Marshmallows

I agreed to let Abbey host a Christmas party as long as she planned the entire thing. I said, "Give me a list of things to get, and that's all I'm doing." She wrote out the invitations, planned an ornament exchange, a gingerbread "city", games, pizza and dancing. It was fun. And loud. And messy. Pre-teen girls are the best...really. They are all so sensitive to each other, and great friends. And really, still so young, but caught in the middle of all this pressure to grow up fast, which none of them want to do. Anyway, here are some highlights:

And the best for last:

Yes, that is a miniature marshmallow stuck in his fur from scrounging under the table. Look at his humiliated eyes. Embarrassment at it's worse. And in front of all those girls. Poor Sammy.


  1. And isn't it shocking how much these skinny little girls can eat and drink? Sounds like a great party!

  2. I think you should hire Miss Abbey to throw your parties..at $30 an hour.
    aunt katie

  3. Looks like lots of fun! Good job Abbey!

    Loved the Christmas picture!