Christmas Eve

I love Christmas Eve. Since we've had kids, I have "called" this day to ourselves, and I LOVE that. I love the kids excitement, the anticipation....I want to be at home, with just us, in front of the tree and the fireplace.

We go to 4:00 (crowded) Mass, and then have a smorgasbord afterward. Each kid gets to pick their favorite dish and I make them all. Shrimp for Isaac, feta dip for Abbey, down the line...it's so fun and easy and something they all get excited about planning.

Then they plan out their morning...what time they wake up and whose room they meet in till they are allowed to come down. NO peeking. They usually are in Isaac's room and then at the top of the stairs, calling for us. Remember that feeling of not being able to fall asleep? You felt like you could just flip flop like a fish in your bed all night long? I don't think anyone forgets it!

Hope you have a peaceful, fun Christmas Eve!

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  1. Merry Christmas Sarah, to you and yours. :)