The Crawl Perfected

Why this is just the cutest picture ever to me...
Look how worn out his little slippers are he's been walking miles.
And his big old blue it!
And mostly because his head is down.
This is the serious, tuck in the chin, look at the floor, concentrate on the arms, and get there fast crawl.
Cracks me up.
Sometimes it backfires and he goes head over heels. Or heels over head I should say. But he's mastered it pretty well.
He usually only uses it to get to something really good, meaning -dangerous-...stairs, Lego pieces, fallen food scraps, doors open to get the picture.


  1. It is sooo cute...reminds me of Cormac's big diapered bottom! Except Cormac's oversized McNees melon would ALWAYS tip him over so he couldn't get up any speed!!!


  2. What a cute shot! I miss having little ones that age so much! It's so funny how their little personalities come out even when they are that small!