Bad Boy Juice

Pop (or 'soda' depending on what part of the country you live in), has always been evil to me.

Everybody has their ONE thing, and this is mine. If anything is wrong with the world, I blame it all on pop. Overweight kids, acne, hair loss, wrinkles, plummeting stock market...it's because of this chemical, sugar-laden disaster. Really, I do think it has to be just about the WORST thing for you. Anyways....

Obviously I don't have it in my house. Occasionally, I will buy it as a special treat on pizza night. Sprite or root beer ONLY. No caffeine. We don't need extra energy here.

When my brother Andy was state-side recently he introduced us to a new term we LOVE.

Bad boy juice.

That's what he has called pop when, as a teenager, he overheard a mother saying to her child in the supermarket, "No, honey, we don't drink THAT! That's BAD BOY JUICE!"

Finally, someone who thinks like I do!
Disclaimer: I realize that quite a large portion of mothers across the country are addicted to Diet Bad Boy Juice. I will not judge and/or criticize your addiction....sometimes I think, in your cases, it might be called "Good Mommy Juice"? Sort of like my chocolate addiction, but in a drinkable format.


  1. I so need to get off the bad boy juice. I love saying that. ;)

  2. I just went and grabbed lunch and when I came back, I logged on to see your more recent posts. Background: I for years looked down on the Diet Coke addicted. Silently judging as they trudge back and forth to the soda machine like slaves and the cans pile up around their desks. Well, somewhere over the last year, without warning, I became one of those. Then starting Monday of of last week, I vowed to quit and spent the whole week drinking only water at lunch. I SO missed my elitist "I'm no slave to soda" attitude and it was great to again look down on everyone else... UNTIL today. I was tired and grumpy and needing caffeine so I popped one open. This would be an even better story if your blog stopped me from drinking it and I maintained my soda-reformed status. But, you know, the can WAS already open. Didn't want it to go to waste. I"ll try again tomorrow.

  3. Diet soda is worse than regular soda in my opinion. I believe it is the aspartame in the diet drinks that cause the so called addiction. I also believe it is the aspartame that is a cause of autism. All those chemicals going into breastmilk and thus the nursing baby, and the chemicals passing through the umbilical cord while Mom is preggo.
    I will not drink any type of diet drink.
    I love this post you have here.

  4. My name is Renee Lance and I am an addict.

  5. i love this...it is hilarious! bad boy juice. i do love me some diet bad boy juice, but i am with you...we don't keep it in the house..and the ladies were not allowed to have sprite until they were almost three...so now they don't have a taste for it and i only allow myself occasionally when we eat out.

  6. I agree with Anonymous. There is no "diet" drink of any kind allowed in our house. Aspartame is right up there with MSG as far as what the chemicals do to you. Truly is BAD stuff. But I certinaly understand "addiction".

  7. I'm so glad I don't like "bad boy juice" either. Sometimes when I read what you have written I think we share the same brain (except yours is a much more organized one).