Now Hiring

Jobs I've had: (in no particular order):
  1. Pie Baker (oh, the burns I endured!)
  2. Strawberry U-Pick Worker
  3. Donut Counter Girl (the picky people! i could hardly stand it!)
  4. Cashier at Kroger's and Value City (only for a short time...awful!)
  5. Babysitter (tons)
  6. Nanny (full-time, part-time and live-in...and I have lots of stories to show for it!)
  7. Hostess at TGIFridays (yuck big-time!)
  8. Candy Counter Girl (FUN...and I met Jeff!)
  9. Dishwasher in cafeteria (met some scary, weird people)
  10. Busser at diner
  11. Merchandiser for Nestle
  12. Gap worker
  13. Victoria's Secret factory worker (misery!)
  14. Icecream scooper (FUN)
  15. Candy striper at nursing home (awful and sad)
  16. Beer/hotdog girl at golf course (too much fun!)
  17. Spyer (that's what I called it...it was to see if people are doing their job right.)
  18. Secretary at insurance company (SOOOO boring!)
  19. Day care worker (eye-opening and heart-breaking)
  20. Summer camp counselor (FUN)
  21. Owner of faux-painting business (FUN, but lots of stress)
  22. Regional manager for water testing company (first "real" job after college)

Almost all but 2 or 3 before I was 24 years old!

They all taught me something....even if it was just, "I will NEVER, EVER do THIS again."

The ones I'm most grateful for are the nanny/day-care worker jobs and the nursing home job. Those taught me a lot about the importance of taking care of your own...babies, kids, parents. They were really, really hard for lots of different reasons...but I wonder if I would have the knowledge I have now, without knowing firsthand....that's what I'm grateful for.
I see quite a pattern of working around sugar. Donuts, pies, ice cream, candy....hmmmm.


  1. yes looks like you had the most fun around sugar.... i wonder why?

  2. I am a nanny and would love to hear some of your stories and adventures of nannying.

  3. When did you ever work at a Victoria's Secret factory? How come I never knew that?