Happy Birthday Abbey!

I remember the day you were born...it was so hot outside. I spent the summer sitting in the pool with little Isaac playing by my side. You were the best pregnancy ever...I only gained about 20 pounds and felt terrific the whole time and most importantly, afterwards. I craved powdered donuts and grapes...isn't that weird?

I love you so much and don't know what I would do without you. I always thought that after Isaac was born that I just wanted boys. I never pictured myself being the mother of a girl. In the delivery room, the minute they yelled out, "It's a girl!" I cried and said, "I always wanted a girl so bad!" Your Dad looked at me like I was psycho.

You were the sweetest baby. I could tell in your eyes you were so smart and just wanted to jump out of that little baby skin and do everything your brain was telling you to do.

And now you are almost a teenager. And you are still smart and wonderful and I'm so glad you were born. You are the perfect daughter. I can't wait to see what you kind of incredible woman you become...actually, I can wait, because it's already gone so fast. I don't really have expectations of what paths you will choose in life. I trust your judgement so much already, I just want to sit back and watch. You are so talented at so many things and do everything with such precision and thoughtfulness, you have opportunities I can't even imagine.
I am really so proud of you Abbey. You are an inspiration to me with the way you love and forgive and draw and dance and care and have so much patience with all of us.


  1. thanks mom and dad, and the long board is AWESOME!!!!!
    love and hugs,

  2. thanks for making me cry.

    Abby, I want that hat.


  3. I have tears in my eyes. Abbey will read this when she is an adult and will really grasp how much you love her. Now that I am feeling sappy, I will probably feel the need to hug my girls a little longer after they get home from school! They are going to think I am coo-coo! I will blame it on you.