Some Of My Favorite Things On Sale

I've mentioned many of my favorite things over the years that keep my life and home running smoothly and that we enjoy.

Amazon Prime Days are here which means special savings.  It took me a long time to have a Prime membership-I'm cheap like that.  I hate memberships!  But in the end it was so worth it-my kids and I share the membership and it's so nice to not pay for shipping.  Here's the link to join, if you want to read about the benefits and a free trial offer here.  (And free movies!)


My favorite vacuum:

$149.99 (save $30)
I love this vacuum!  Every part is able to be cleaned.  I've used the more fancy Lift Away style and I don't like it as much because if you suck something up that can get stuck it's very hard if not impossible to reach.  This one has full access everywhere.

My favorite mop!
$48.03 ($21.97)

No batteries!  Totally rechargeable and comes with the cord.  Everyone here has one.



I bought these make up remover pads for Abbey and I because I was sick of replacing eye make up remover. These totally work!  And so much more gentle than anything else.

$27 ($9.00 off)

For The Kids:

$12.80 (20% 0ff)

This was a great Christmas gift to one of my sons.
$19.34 (usually $35!)

Only $5!!!

Still a favorite here!
$27.99 (save $7)

$13.99 ($4 off)

A real life baby on sale for Prime Day!
I wish.  (No that would be weird but you know what I mean.)
A certain little girl is asking for a Reborn doll for Christmas.  They are so precious!
$44.79 (Save $19)

$114.99  (Save $44!)

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