Catch Up

This is Janey helping my wrist feel better.  And it HAS thankfully greatly improved.  I went and had it checked and the doctor said I was doing great but needed to be patient.  I was thinking a week or two and it is really 4 or 5 months, but he promised me I could type without pain and do everything I want soon.  He PROMISED.  :)

This piece just went to Texas in a snowstorm.  I think it's my favorite so far, but I might say that every time, so don't pay to close attention.  It's this beautiful silky smooth greenish-bluish color with light aging.  

My oldest Isaac started his own Kendama company and I seem to have a collection of these things used as a centerpiece on the coffee table.  I find them everywhere.  I'm so proud of him.  I helped him ship a bunch when I visited and it was exciting-he is selling out left and right and having fun doing it all.  What a hard worker and enterprising guy.  

Best buds or not...depends on the time of day.

Christmas show.  Thanks Aunt Karen for the necklace.

After work dinner.  (Thank you Aunt Julie.)

I asked him to blow up a few balloons for Patricks birthday.  Funny guy.

12!!!  I started blogging when he was ONE!

First blog post.

This guy is one special son and has the tenderest heart and works so hard and I just adore him.  He takes care of Janey always and worries a little too much about everything.  He loves the outdoors and fishing and hunting and trapping and his best friend, and all sports.

Class party.

Birthday guy.

Love these two-Isaac and his girlfriend who we all adore.  We were able to get away for a quick weekend trip to Chicago right before Christmas thanks to a very generous niece and her husband who have an apartment downtown.  We ate deep dish pizza twice.  And shopped and sometimes just hung out and had really good conversations about anything and everything.

Christmas prep.

Sibling gift exchange.  SO cute.  No one ever keeps it a secret even though they say they will.   They all try so hard to get the right gift and it is so awesome to see.

So nice having Matt home from college.  We were all excited for him to walk in that door and we all miss him when he's gone.  He's one funny and very very smart guy and I always love good conversations with him.  I'm so proud of who he is and what nice friends he has and what a great brother he is to his little siblings.     

Doesn't this pic scream "Christmas Eve"?

Andrew's driving everywhere and such a help to me as long as I buy him or make him food. (That's a 16 year old right?)
He's pretty much given up on taming his wild hair and has just embraced the awesomeness of it.  After all...what did we expect?  He was born with just about the same amount.

Isaac was visiting and we ran down together to see the sun set on the river.

Isn't it gorgeous?  Calms the soul.

Stopped into church alone one day and just had to take a pic of it's beauty.

Cookies.  Janey is always up for making cookies and everyone else is up to eating them.

A friend sent me this pic of her high schooler and my high schooler one night.  They still play with toys!  If you make them.  

Another project.  Still for sale if anyone is interested.  I don't have it up on Etsy-just didn't have the time.

Working on this one.

Love notes I adore.

One of her favorite gifts that I bought new at a second hand shop-a coloring book with pencils included.  She loves it.

My booth for the winter months.

I brought some porch furniture down to Isaac and Cecilia in DC.  Drove 7 hours by myself and I was proud!  They have the sweetest apartment in Adams Morgan district and we had so much fun riding bikes around to see the lovely homes and embassies and walking around and eating and hanging out and setting up this great porch they have.  They have made their apartment so lovely.

Ending on:
More cookies.

That's all my wrist with allow.  Don't give up on me, I'll be back.


  1. We've all missed you!! I have a 6-7hr drive ahead of me this summer that I've been in a panic over... you've given me hope!!

    1. It wasn't bad at all! And I did it in the dark and rain on the way there. I listened to a few podcasts the first half and then to good music the second half. My problem is always my hips aching. But it wasn't bad.

  2. So happy to see you back, Sarah. Loved catching up with you and your family. Hope that wrist continues to heal! Prayers and hugs for a blessed, happy, healthy new year!

  3. Thank you for sharing all of these photos with us! I love when you give us a glimpse into your life! Your furniture is beautiful! You are so talented! So happy to hear that your wrist continues to heal. I broke my toe a couple weeks ago, and it is so hard to have to stop when there is so much to do!!!

  4. Do your religious beliefs believe in living together before marriage?

    1. Christianity does not support it if that is what you are asking.
      They are adults, wonderful, intelligent, kind, and very thoughtful adults, who have their own beliefs and their own reasoning and circumstances, and make their own choices. I love them and admire them for the way they show up in the world, to each other, their families and friends.


    2. A perfect response. I just love how supportive you are of your children and the positive light you shine on them. That is what we as mothers should always strive to do.

    3. Amen, love is love is love. How beautiful that two adults who love each other are sharing their love with each other and the rest of the world. xoxo

    4. 😘🤗

  5. I love that in it at least two of those photos someone is laying in the background on the floor flat on their back. 😆 Love it. ♥️

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  7. Love, love, love reading your posts! So fun, down to earth, uplifting and positive. I'm currently living way over in the UK & reading your current & past posts help so much with parenting goals & makes me feel less homesick. Thank you for doing what you do.

  8. I read this post on my phone and tried to leave a comment but then couldn't figure out how to do it. . . I'm pitiful at times!

    Just wanted to say that I am SO GLAD your wrist is healing. Isn't it amazing how much we take for granted? I know that you don't take much for granted ever since your cancer, so I'm speaking mostly for the rest of us. We just assume that each day our bodies will work the way we want them to--and then an accident can happen any time that makes us unable to do what we want or need to do. Thank you for sharing your journey and your hard-won wisdom. Blessings for continued healing!

  9. I've been reading your blog for many years....probably almost my whole parenting journey with my 12 year-old. You've offered so much wisdom over the years in sometimes the most subtle ways. Thanks for sharing your life with us! I love your updates!

  10. Thank you for sharing. I have two college students, and it is always such a relief to have us all under the same roof at times. I have been in my car a lot lately and noticed the hip thing too.

  11. Wonderful!! 🤩😍
    So happy for you! 🍀💪

  12. Starting through this 'living-together' experience again with the same child, I know the angst that exists that no one else can see. There is pleasure in seeing a loved child find someone who fits their personality, and they are both adults, but the knowledge that they are going against God's commandments they have been taught and not laying a firm foundation for a family life is so heart-wrenching. And several things can happen that can break the relationship apart-things that would not exist if they had married first. As parents, we do our best to teach our children by our example, even if we have to warn our own child of the dangers they are (once again!) delving into. But we don't run their lives, and we love them still.

  13. Thoroughly enjoyed the catch up! And how you handle tough questions, especially about personal matters ❤️