Ordinary Days

Beautiful autumn days here-cold mornings and mostly sunny afternoons.  Baking, cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, laundry, and reading-fills up my days, along with the new venture.

I wrote down two funny things my kids said this week:
Janey told me this morning-"You should only call 911 if it's an emergency.  Not if it's like "my stuffed animal doesn't have anything to eat!"  That apparently is a different sort of emergency.

Andrew called me from home and said "Mom are you giving these loaves of bread to anyone?"  No.  "Can I please eat them all?" 

Here's a quick disorganized ordinary days.

One of my pieces.

The store I have a booth in, on a pretty autumn day.

Matt's welcome home from college.

Andrew's last soccer game as a sophomore.  They won!  He scored twice.  And I was there and watching and missed them both somehow.  Really!  I think I need a new contact prescription.

Stopped to see my niece who is such a hard worker and who I adore.

Patrick and his BF doing what they love best. 

Another piece.

Aren't those flowers gorgeous?  I know I just said something about just going and getting bouquets at Krogers but wowzers-my friend's niece's wedding.  Sweetest girl ever.

Mom I lost my braid at recess and I didn't know how to do it so I just left it like that.

Didn't work.

Friday Night Lights.

Babysitting for a neighbor baby who happens to be the cutest chubbiest baby in the world.

We walk by the bridal store where they have 3 mannequins set up in each window and we choose our favorite dress.  Family tradition.

Scootering around town.

Tired selfies.

Special guy who is almost driving.

That's all...on to the weekend.  Have a happy one!


  1. I second Kande, "Love your ordinary days!"

  2. LOVE your Ordinary days, Sarah.
    And Congratulations on your new venture!!!
    Have a cozy weekend. : )

  3. So good to see you in the photos! Happy fall!

  4. Isnt Perrysburg with 20k residents considered more a small city than small town? Love this Ordinary Days series

    1. Probably but we live in town and it has grown so so fast out in the suburbs-so it's still a "small town" for me. :)

  5. Ordinary days are the best. Thanks for sharing! xo

  6. Your ordinary days posts are awesome! Thank you for sharing them!! xo

  7. not sure what brought me back to blog land but i loved seeing your pics and reading about your life! your pieces are amazing Sarah! and how is Janey that big??? xxx pam

  8. I love your Ordinary Days - they are the best and most treasured. Most random question for you - where did you get your crystal doorknobs on your pantry? I've been searching for some that aren't a million $!

  9. Love everything about this- especially that beautiful blue hitch )and the blue ware inside- beautiful!!). I am clearly in a blue phase and loving it everywhere, but on painted pieces, especially.
    (Also, as a random side note, because I found the comment about small city vs small town rather nitpicking, I googled and discovered that Perryville is actually called a village. Which is even more charming in my eyes! I went to Ohio University and had never heard of Perryville, so I had to google because I have long found your stories so charming. What a sweet place to live- no matter what it is called- ha!)