Encouragement For The Week

Rushing and a tight time table does not equal happy moms or happy babies or happy toddlers. Settle in. 
Settle in at home with your role as mother, 
embrace it fully and trust that the time you give these years-if you give your children your attention, and structure and find ways to enjoy your days at home, 
it will all pay off. 


  1. Thank you, Sarah, for your voice in today's world. You give me the confidence in to be the mother I want to be and remind me that it's ok to say no to things that don't benefit me or my family. You are a gift to today's mothers. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for your words and experience. Last night at the end of a very long day (band, football, dinner, huge project due, finals), I pulled up your post to remind me to treasure the time because it goes too fast and they really do need our attention and energy...it makes all the difference to them.

  3. Thank you Sarah. Well written and so true.