A Fun Activity For Kids (And Adults Also)

My mom bought Patrick one of these paint-by-sticker books and they've been so much fun.  They are addicting!

I've been teaching art on Friday's at school, and have some rambunctious, unable-to-focus boys. (I also get them right after lunch and recess and I also love them all and 'get it'.) . When we finished our art project one day, I filled time by borrowing Patrick's sticker-by-number book, had the kids get in pairs, and work on a sheet.  You would not believe it!  These boys were quiet, they sat in their seats, they LOVED doing this, more than any other project I've done.  I think it is something about the exactness, the numbers, the straight forward process that appealed to them-the ability to see the end?  I just loved what I saw-the ability to focus and accomplish a task, even for the kids who really really have difficult doing this.

They have books for all different ages.

The one I used in class for the fourth graders is this one-we all love it!

Here's some for ages 5 and up that are simpler and a good starting point for younger children, although if they recognize all their numbers and letters, and have the patience they could do the more difficult ones also.


  1. LOVE this recommendation! Perfect for Summer! BTW, what curriculum (if any) you use to teach the art class?

    1. There were 3 of us subbing for the art teacher who was out all year with cancer. I just came up with ideas on my own from Pinterest but I used mostly literature to draw from-I would read them a great picture book before class and then we'd do a project based on the story or the illustrations.

  2. This is totally new to me, Sarah.
    Looks perfect for a summer activity for my Flynn.

  3. Thanks for sharing with the blog world. I have purchased some of your previous recommendations and have not been disappointed. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. My daughter got these for Christmas and we've gotten a few since. She loves them!!

  5. Oh I'm so excited to have my kids try these!!! Thank you so much Sarah!!!!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing these great books!! I knew they would be a hit and so I ordered them as quick as can be. My kids love them! They were the perfect activity to quiet them down today and keep them from wanting to watch t.v.!

  7. I have never even heard of these and I know my kids are going to love them! Thank you for sharing!