Thinking, Playing, Reading

Of how blessed I have been in so many ways, and still continue to be.  I have spent the last couple weeks spring cleaning, making my house smell good, freshening up rooms, and having fun evenings at home together as a family.  AND...March Madness...a big part of our life here for sure.  We have our brackets (mine soley chosen on how much farther south each team is because of SUNSHINE, with the exception of MI of course, who wins it all.  Janey and I made ours cute with gel pens and sunshines, and flowers.  Dad and the boys think we are crazy (not about MI about how we choose) but we might just get lucky.

It's a mud pit outside but that doesn't stop the kids from wanting to go out.  Patrick has a Lenten basketball shooting practice resolution he must keep.  Andrew has track practice every evening.  Fresh air and exercise!

I'm on a roll!  Went on a WWII kick except for one light read.

The Tattooist of Auschwitz: A Novel by [Morris, Heather]

Incredible true story-easier to read prose, heartbreaking as all books about the Holocaust would be, but filled with hope also.

About a young girl surviving in a Siberian work camp-an incredible story-we are SO lucky to live in a peaceful country!
If you don't want to read the book HERE is the movie.

New York Times notable book
An international bestseller
A Carnegie Medal nominee
A William C. Morris Award finalist
A Golden Kite Award winner

This one is my favorite out of them all.  Set in a concentration camp-another love and survival story-a wife is forced to serve in the camp brothel, and is saved by a relationship with the enemy, while still holding out hope for reunification with her husband.

And for a light read:

Written in a unique way (reminds me a little of Bridget Jones).  Really really funny but well written also.


  1. I find it disconcerting that some Amazon reviewers considered The Dutch Wife too graphic and unpleasant. The victims and survivors of the Holocaust didn’t have the luxury of putting the book down. May they rest in eternal peace, in God’s loving arms.

  2. Hi Sarah,
    I love your description of spring cleaning.
    That is just how I feel this time of year!
    Good luck with your March Madness.
    Always a fun time of year. : )
    Thanks for the book suggestions. I could read all day!

  3. I love when you mention spring cleaning! Your posts in previous years about cleaning and "house love" are ones I go back to again and again for inspiration! I hope you'll do more!

  4. Reading this, Katrina Kenison's quote about the gift of an ordinary day leaps out at me - I am so very glad you seem to be once again enjoying them. (And I am extremely curious about your fun family evenings...this is a struggle for us with older kids so would love to hear more of what this looks like at your home!!)

    1. Homework, dinner together, Jeopardy, boys playing basketball inside, etc. Just HOME without running around to practices etc. (The lull in between basketball ending and soccer and other spring sports starting up.)

  5. I have read many of your book recommendations. Do you read late at night? I'm recently retired and blessed to read whenever! And yes, I love March Madness too.
    PS This is not from Hugh, this is from his wife Kathy. I don't know why it won't let me comment under my own account. GRRRR

    1. Yes Kathy-sometimes in the afternoon, sometimes late at night or if I wake up and can't fall back asleep.

  6. I read Between Shades of Gray - you are right. We have so much to be grateful for!

    I need to do about 10 years worth of spring cleaning! Enjoy the freshness and looking forward to warmer days ahead!

  7. Enjoy The Lull Mom!!
    Always great book recommendations, for all ages and stages, thanks.
    In keeping with your recent reads, I would recommend The Lost Wife, by Alyson Richman, to you. The Velvet Hours by Alyson Richman too. Great reads. Take good care. xo