Thinking, Playing, Reading

Gorgeous Florida beach.

Frozen Mid-West landscape.
We've been enjoying quiet winter days and a really relaxed (of course still busy) season of life with just three at home.  I've been to Florida twice over the last two months, and feel so lucky to soak up the sun.  The memories are fading from the horrific last winter thankfully.

I am asking for massive prayers for two close friends (Kate and Ann) who are suffering from cancer, and in the middle of chemo and its side effects.  Mothers just like all of us, trying to stay faithful and boy is that difficult when it seems like there are setbacks.  I think I say "thank you" hundreds of times a day in my head, and have learned to say it much more to those around me, as I am incredibly lucky to be finished with that awful experience, but it is bittersweet when I know that there are still battles being fought.


We've been enjoying some fun Christmas gifts-lots of art and Legos.
These sticker-by-number books are so relaxing and fun.

Steaming out clogged sinuses-the goggles were her addition.  All healthy now knock on wood, because boy did we battle colds in December.

Valentine's Dance!  Thought this was cute without being crazy as is the trend it seems.

Dress like your favorite teacher day.

Lots of snow=hot chocolate.

We've been reading so much around here.  Janey and I decided to go through her whole shelf of books this winter, reading every story.  We are making headway!  She is just on the verge of reading herself, but that little "click" I know happens, hasn't happened yet.

Patrick and I are reading Island of the Blue Dolphins.  

I have read and LOVED:

So much good history and a gripping novel-we read this for our book club.

Had to read her other novel next and maybe loved it even more?  I think I read this in one day on vacation.  Loved it.

Our newest book club novel and oh boy, so much to talk about.  Very emotional read-picks up about 1/3 of the way through-wasn't sure I liked it till then and of course, by the end, I was crying and didn't want it to end.  Really incredibly well-written first novel.

Another history lesson, quick read, makes you glad you were plopped onto the earth now, in the age of easy living.


  1. Love all these book recommendations! Glad you could spend some time at the beach this winter.

  2. Glad to hear you are well and had some time in the sun! A Place for Us was amazing - the last part resonated so much - it surprised me how much I loved the father's view point. Gorgeous novel. Prayers for your friends...

  3. So happy to see you back here! Also, I am glad that you were able to soak in the sun in Florida this winter! What a difference a year makes! I will most certainly keep your friends in my prayers. xo

  4. Sounds like you've already had a busy year!

  5. Prayers for your friends and so grateful that you are well. I need to add more thank you's into my life--thank you for the reminder!

  6. It was great to see an update from you! I've requested all these books from my local library as I desperately need something to look forward to on these cold dark winter evenings! Love the "dance invitation"!! What a creative idea :-)