Ordinary Days

I love praying in our church when it is empty and quiet.  It is gorgeous.  They don't make churches like this anymore-I'm not sure why.  Every little bit of it is a work of art.

Matt who is now in college-I love looking back at these photos and sending them on to the kids.  Remember who you are in that new crazy world you are living in!!!

These guys went on a ski trip with Dad and had a blast.  Next year Janey will be ready to learn and we will join them instead of miss them.  It was nice getting little photos and videos.

Abbey was a good big sister and taught them all how to snowboard (she is actually really good which is why this is funny).

I have been subbing in art class and LOVE it.  It's so much fun but I do come home exhausted.  The kids are so so cute and most want to learn-just have a thirst for knowledge.  It's so fun to watch.

Teachers are amazing and we should all be worshipping at their feet.  I have SO much to say about that but that is going to be a whole other post.  Basically-throw out all the tech and teach your kids to be calm and concentrate and be respectful.  But throw out the tech.  Really do it, hurl it into the attic forever.  It is hurting and damaging children's brains immensely and there is a marked obvious difference in the kids who play video games and spend time on screens and the kids who don't.  If there are any non-believers in that statement spend some days with kids at school.  Or just try it-try it for 6 months.  Take it out of the house and just say no, it's gone, no more.  ALL OF IT.  

A great friend I met a long time ago through my blog has an AWESOME instagram account full of the coolest art projects-she's been teaching for 20 something years. Some simple and not complicated to do at home.  

I bought a few new but basic art supplies for Janey and Patrick to keep then busy-I know the northern kids across the continent are going stir-crazy.
All-Media Art Paint Set by Artist s Loft (126391) 
Really nice art supplies in a sturdy box.  It comes with directions for all the different types of paints, crayons and pencils.

Coolest Paint Markers-we love these!  If you aren't in the mood for paint clean-up or have littles ones that make it too difficult these are the answer.

This playdoh is the best, and fun for the kids to make.  Smells so good!  Janey loves choosing the flavors at the grocery store.

Can you believe it?  My fourth child I get to teach to drive.  Actually my husband gets to teach to drive-I just can't do it. 
 I remember trying with Abbey-I think I was pregnant, but after about 10 minutes I felt so so car sick with the starts and stops.  I can laugh about it now but I think I was pretty impatient.  We all have our strengths and that's just not one of mine, although I can honestly say I've chilled immensely as the years go on.  The gift of aging I guess, along with wrinkles. :)


  1. Hi Sarah, had to chime in about the churches: here in Europe we are surrounded by original churches from the 11th century onwards. Our own congregation meets in a building from the year 1237, hard to fathom! I just love the thoughts of all those prayers, all those services, and all the sorrow and joy people took with them to those holy places. Many buildings are no longer used as a church and I am so grateful if they get some kind of occupancy that is in keeping with the original function of the building. Have to agree with you, praying in a silent, empty building is wonderful.

  2. Don't we learn such patience as we get older and our children grow. My first just turned 16 and got his license, and I've surprised myself by actually surviving.

    How I love reading your ordinary days! xo

  3. My husband and I were just talking about the technology problems these days. He was listening to a podcast where someone related a story about 6 different families who were seeking help for their "out-of-control" kids who were currently on medication for ADHD. The medication wasn't working any more and they were completely at a loss of what to do next. This individual encouraged them to put a ban on all devices and gave them some other suggestions (play outside, regular bedtimes, family meals, etc.) All 6 families reported a huge change in their kids' behavior in just a few weeks time and they were all able to go off their medication.
    It is just common sense, isn't it? I could go on and on about it, but I'll just stop now :)

  4. That reminds me of the church I grew up in... Ours now is more modern, but we have the same banners as the cloths for your altar... My niece and I just grabbed a recipe for homemade finger paint made from cornstarch out of a church cookbook - I saw a Kool Aid dough recipe in there too! Fun stuff. She & play board games and paint or scrapbook a lot - such wonderful down time...

  5. Sarah - thanks for the advice on technology. My teaching experience prior to children and my mother heart tell me not to let the kids use iPads, tablets, computers, phones, etc.; however people can sure make you feel silly and make it seem as if your kids will be ill-equipped as they grow. I feel social skills, learning respect, eye contact, how to make conversation, etc is SO much more important. Thanks for reaffirming :) love your posts - they are a gift!!!

  6. What a beautiful church you have, Sarah! I agree with you - I find so much comfort in my church when no one is there. I also love going into churches when I am visiting other areas of the country. I love that you are subbing in art class! It must be so nice to be in such a creative environment!!

  7. I love your ordinary days posts! I’m curious, what do you mean by throwing all the technology out? All tv and movies too? We don’t do very much but we do allow movie nights and certain quiet shows like Little Bear DVD’s.

    1. Sorry Janice I don't mean that-I mean tablets and video games, and Iphones. We do and have done movies and PBS Kids or sports for older ones. Janey has watched every Arthur that ever existed. :)

  8. Regarding technology - there is a marked difference in my preschooler's behaviour when we allow her tablet access on the weekend. She takes longer to obey and is more disagreeable. Both my husband and I have noticed it so we are working on reducing her already limited access. Thanks for these posts

  9. My world always becomes more focused on days that I have a "Clover Lane" blog post email waiting in my inbox. The chatter of the outside world quiets and I can feel my resolve renewing to stay the course and preserve my children's childhood. Away from distractions and illusions. I reign in my boundaries and convictions and I re-calibrate. You make the world a better place, Sarah. Continued abundant blessings to you!

  10. I echo what Liz says in her comment. You are a gift to this world, Sarah.

  11. How cool that you've been subbing in school! I teach 4th grade (after 13 years home) and of course I loved what you said about teachers :) You would make a wonderful teacher because you are so wise about children! Those kids are lucky to have you in art class! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Funny, because I just posted something this week about getting rid of technology! (after having 23 parent/teacher conferences)
    Have a great day!