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Today I had to go to the pet store-I asked a question about the product I was buying and the cashier said into her microphone to the manager, "I have a pet parent here asking how long meal worms last?" She called me a pet parent!!!  Has this world gone crazy?  Because I, for God's sake, do not consider two geckos my children, nor I am sure, do they consider me (do geckos consider?) their mother or anything even close to a parent.  Because that is impossible people.  Impossible!  It's just weird, really really weird, I'll leave it at that.  


I had the lucky chance of having some little guys over the other day - this was a favorite of Patrick's and I was so happy it was being played with again. (Though Janey has had it out in the past few years also.)


The new "Who Is" book!!!  Patrick was so excited about this book, and read it in a day.

I am reading Pope Joan for book club next month.  So far, excellent.


  1. I'm with you on the pet parent thing. It makes me cringe.

  2. I am very curious how you wind up liking Pope Joan. We also read it for book club many years ago. I was the only Catholic in the book club too, which led to a good discussion.

  3. So funny about the pet parent thing ��. Do you have leopard geckos? Just got one a month ago for my little girl and I’m having as much fun with it as she is!

  4. Your short comment about the blue race track really resonated with me! I am about to have my 4th child (the rest all under 4) in December and feel like I am waging war against the toy clutter every day. It was a very nice reminder that I am so lucky to have all these little guys at home and will one day miss all the cute little toys they play with!

  5. Pope Joan is one of my favorite reads ever! I read it probably close to 10 years ago! It was also for a book club and everyone loved it. However, none of us are Catholic. I would love to hear your take on it.

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  7. I always wondering about pet (dog, cat etc) parent. I am not their parent. I am their owner - altough I like them, love them - but I am only the parent of my children.

    1. Sorry, I am an ESL person :). Maybe the right word is master?

  8. I'm sure you must know this already, but did you see the, "Who is Jane?" book? (Referring to Jane Austin, of course)! I thought just in case you haven't seen that one, I'd let you know it's out too. I just saw it for the first time late summer, so I assumed it might be a newer one.