Thinking, Playing, Reading

It has been 10 months since I was diagnosed and since that time I have protected myself even more from the outside world of news and social media and everything else-and I missed nothing and felt more connected to those around me than ever before.  My faith has grown tremendously, and I have little or no time or energy or interest in unnecessary distractions.  I would absolutely take a pass on the "gift" of cancer, but one thing I've noticed is that one is forced to see worldly things differently.  I try so much more than I ever did before to not waste time on things that distract me from what really counts.  (I think a short daily prayer reminder helps because we are inundated with distractions!)  And what really counts is faith, family and neighbors-"bloom where you are planted".  Relationships.  The gifts that God gave us that He wants us to make good on.  Guarding our hearts and our minds so that if we find something that leads us in the direction of greed, or anger, or vanity or self pity, we avoid it.  Those deplete us of life, not fill us up and lead us to real joy and gratitude.


These are the cutest (well-played with as you can tell) little dolls!  Very un-Barbie-like, thank the Lord.

Also my version of playing-I love baking and bought these things on Amazon to make baking for others more fun.  Wrapping up cookies or brownies or anything else in these little packages makes me happy!

Baker's Twine-a set of multi-colored string
Baker's Boxes with Scalloped Edges
Small Baker's Bags (fits a personal amount of treats ie a few cookies)
Personalized Stamp (mine is very old but this is a similar stamp)
I bought the round tags at Michaels.

We have been taking turns reading this book to Patrick and we ALL love it.  If you have a boy into sports it's such a great message and not done in a hokey preachy way, but by great story-telling.

Enrique's Journey: The Story of a Boy's Dangerous Odyssey to Reunite with His Mother by [Nazario, Sonia]

An incredible, unforgettable book.  I wanted to know more about the hardships, desires and struggles of immigrants and this is quite eye-opening and heart-breaking.  (There is also a young adult version that I want my high school age son to read.) . How lucky we are to live in this country.


  1. Good advice Sarah. I am learning with age to turn off the outside a good bit of my day so I can pay more attention to those around me.

  2. I always love hearing the nuggets of wisdom you have for me!

  3. Sara, thank you so much for your insights and wisdom. And for continuing to post!! I don't often comment but I check everyday. I'm so glad your are healthy and back in the swing of things!!

  4. I am so thankful for your posts... I need to minimize "the noise". And those books look great!

    I bought very similar boxes but I love the twine and stamp - I need to buy those! I bought a lot of little brown bags on Amazon with windows last year and filled them with goodies for Christmas gifts. I bought larger boxes which I use for "giant cookies" for birthday gifts at work or for friends. I keep saying I want to do homemade vanilla - I better get going so it is ready!

  5. I'm coming to the end of my cancer treatments and surgeries. May God bless you, hold you close, and meet your every need day by day. You're right about how it can turn you inward, but sometimes I found it caused me to reach out in love (not touching) to other patients who needed prayer. Who knows if we're the only Jesus they see. If you'd like to "talk", my email is lauraofharvestlane@gmail.com and my blog is http://harvestlanecottage.com . God bless you and bring you complete healing in Jesus' name!

    Laura Lane
    Carthage, Missouri

  6. I appreciate so much your perspective. You are grounded and genuine and choose goodness, and it is a blessing to learn from you. I’ve learned so many wonderful things from you pre-diagnosis, and I am thankful your post-diagnosis self is still typing away, teaching and reminding us about what is really important. Please keep sharing the things you are learning about life and family and God! Your words mean so much to so many.

  7. It's been so good to have you back!

  8. My boys read Enrique's Journey this summer. What a story! You and your boys should watch the movie Lion. It's on Netflix. So so so good!!

  9. “The gifts that God gave us He wants us to make good on”. Favorite inspiration from this post. I’ve become lazy and introverted as I’ve gotten older, I’ve just had an epiphany reading this today, that I’ve blocked out the negative, but also some good. I need to be a little vulnerable again, just within my circle of influence, and allow myself to bloom. I’ve become wilted a bit and had trouble figuring out why. Thank you❤️