Encouragement For The Week

"Motherhood is worth every sacrifice of sleep, time, energy and everything else you think you are giving up now. 

As the survived mother of ten children, I tell you the joys outweigh the struggles and your children will honor you more than you can imagine. 

You are much better at what you do than you think you are. 
Keep on praying and believing that you are made for the job."

(A sweet reader left this comment on a post last week-it deserves to be "quoted".  Thank you to whoever wrote this!) 


  1. Beautiful!...and I hope she's right ;)

  2. "You are much better at what you do than you think you are."
    -- needed this words!

  3. Thank you so much for these much needed words!! I thought the younger years were tough but teen girls....that is whole different ball game. Each phase has its own ups and downs for sure. I know they will come around and as my youngest (15) says, "someday we will be best friends". I appreciate that she knows I need to be mom now and the best friend part will come later.