Encouragement For The Week

"Love is not just something you say, it is something you do! My grandfather passed on an old saying to me that goes, "You can fake like you care but you can't fake being there." 

To send messages of love to your children, you must show up. Love is not a spectator sport. Most kids would probably not articulate it, but almost every kid spells "love" T-I-M-E.

There is a fallacy loose in the world. Parents try to rationalize a lack of time for their children by saying, "We give quality time to our kids."  Baloney! It is impossible to turn on quality time. 
We adults can't turn on quality time with each other and it is even more impossible to do with our children.

There is TIME, period."


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  2. So true! We have to remember to slow down and live in the moment with our kids.


  3. This quote reminds me of a book I'm currently reading. I think you'd love it. It's called "Being There: Why Prioritizing Motherhood in the First Three Years Matters" by Erica Komisar, LCSW. She echoes many things you've spoken about on the blog over the years and just makes a very compelling case for the value of a mother being there for her children. Physically, emotionally, and consistently. It may be an unpopular viewpoint for some mothers, but she does a wonderful job of providing facts and real research. Can't recommend it enough!

  4. just love you. thanks again.
    my dad (who emotionally abandoned us 4 kids after my mom died, but did pour himself into his new daughter with our new step mom, that kid married a rich man and practically lives in a Castle, the oldest boy (original child) is now homeless at age 57, he sleeps in a tent in a park, never married, never had kids, just went down hill after mom died.
    My dad prophetically said to me after I was wrought with fear about having to work full-time after having my first child he said, "there's such a thing as quality time."
    I thought baloney then (age 25 or so) and still do and fortunately, only had to work a few years full time as my 3 kids were growing up.