Anyush: A Favorite Book

My sister-in-law lent me this book to read-her daughter befriended the author's daughter, who was studying abroad at my niece's college.  It sat on my shelf too long till this last weekend when my SIL asked if I read it.  I went home and started it that night and finished it as quickly as I could-it called my name when I couldn't get to it-I thought about it when it wasn't in my hands.

It was so so good and I will remember this story forever.  It is historical fiction-a love story at it's foundation- but most of the characters are based on real people, and I learned so so much about something I knew nothing about-the Armenian Genocide.  Some parts are hard to read-heartbreakingly difficult, but how could they not be-the atrocities were real and horrific and Martine Madden turns historical facts and statistics into a tender story.

A very memorable book, and I believe that if had enough press it would be (should be!) on best-seller lists.

Here's the synopsis:

On the Black Sea coast, Anyush Charcoudian dances at her friend’s wedding, dreaming of a life beyond her small Armenian village. Defying tradition, she embarks on a secret and dangerous affair with a Turkish officer, Captain Jahan Orfalea. As the First World War rages, the Armenian people are branded enemies of the state, and atrocities grow day by day. Torn apart and catapulted into a struggle to survive in the face of persecution and hatred, the lovers strive desperately to be reunited.


  1. Just put it on my to-read list! I read Orhan's Inheritance a few years ago, which is also about the Armenian genocide and became fascinated by this whole history I was unaware of - I recommend it if you want another story about that period of history. https://www.amazon.com/Orhans-Inheritance-Aline-Ohanesian/dp/161620530X

  2. A couple of weeks ago I read North of Normal after you recommended it on your blog. This one sounds incredibly interesting and I'm adding it to my reading list for sure- thanks! (Also trying to decide if I'll read the divorce book you mentioned most recently- I'm intrigued). Love when you share what you've been reading