Ordinary Days October Edition

Abbey came home for fall break.  Does every girl in a family of boys have food hoarding (or let's call it extreme possessiveness so it doesn't sound so serious) issues?  I've heard from others it is true and not at all rare. :)  I don't blame her in some ways-without this sign it would have been gone.

Those darn squirrels!

Patrick's soccer cheerleaders.

Another "victim" of nurse Janey.

Doing her homework like the big kids.

Andrew received the Faith in Action award for cross country.

I remember Patrick loving these guys (we have two) at his age also.

I felt really nostalgic this Halloween.  Patrick was invited with a friend to trick or treat but I said no way am I losing him this early.  I'm just going to pretend I will have a trick or treater forever. 


We had to hide our pumpkins-those crazy squirrels again!

Andrew did go with friends and it was such a rush to get him there I forgot to get his pic, so this is in the dark after trick or treating.

In other news, Janey is doing great and really turned a corner about a week and a few days after surgery.  

I have been running every morning and it feels so good. I need it. No skunk sightings, but I love the quiet and my little route and it makes such a difference in how I feel all day.
I have a stack of books on my nightstand that I always plan to start after Janey falls asleep but I can't keep my eyes open.

The weather has been lovely and we have been taking walks and admiring the gorgeous color.

Isaac's friend from Denmark visited for a long weekend, and it was so fun to meet her and get to know her.  I think we asked her about 500 questions, but she was such a good conversationalist. 

Happy Autumn!


  1. My daughter Madison is in Denmark now!
    She is attending a make up academy there...
    She has a friend there...boyfriend to be exact!
    Anyway, she loves Denmark!
    She says I would love it too.
    Anyway, love your everyday.
    Have a cozy evening.
    P.S. Halloween was sentimental for me too! : )

  2. Wonderful photos! I always love following along with your family.The note on Abbey's food made me laugh. :) I come from a family (of girls) where you order a restaurant meal with specific plans to save half to eat the next day. My husband only has a brother and didn't even know what a "doggie bag" was until we started dating (his dad would finish whatever was left on anyone's plate when they ate out). But he learned quickly with me not to eat the last of anything without asking!

  3. Janey might enjoy the book Nurse Clementine by Simon James. Love your blog- and have for years!

  4. Thank you for sharing your ordinary days! I love taking a peek into your family's life! Thank you!!