Things I Want To Remember About Janey

1. How you adore The Sound of Music soundtrack in the car and we've listened to it so many times we all want to hurl ourselves out of the doors into fast moving traffic.  Seriously, Patrick says, "Mom I can't do this anymore! My head hurts!"  Of course I let you listen when you are running errands with me during the day, and sometimes I look back and your mouth is in a perfect O as you are belting out the tunes. You know them all by heart and sing them around the house. I love when your little voice goes into the shaky church lady or opera singer mode.

2. All your faces and expressions. You have so many. No one but us gets to see this side of you as you are incredibly shy around anyone else.  But you are silly.  Dad often says you are the funniest of all the kids.  And your laugh is so so contagious. If Matt gets you going, you laugh so hard you can't catch your breath. No one in this world could keep a straight face when you laugh.

3.Your dancing skills are superb.  I am holding off as long as I can before I get you in a dance class but I know you will be in heaven. You love to dance.

4.Today as we left school after the geography bee you said, "I didn't get to see my Bubby!" You adore Patrick and he adores you back just as much.

5. How if someone asks you if you want more food or drink, you say, "I'm fine, I'm fine" like you are thirty years old and don't want another refill.  I have no idea where you got this but it makes me laugh every time.

6. Your incredible passionate love of babies. You notice them everywhere and can't take your eyes off of them. You put your hands together and say "tiny tiny baby" when you see a newborn. You play with your babies all the time, wrapping them up and shushing them and bouncing them-you have the mom bounce down already and you are only three! I wonder what God's plan is with this, seeing that you would just die and go to heaven if you could experience a baby sibling. I ask you how many babies you will have when you are a mommy and you say fourteen. Maybe that's the plan.

7. You love clothes but you hate having your hair washed, combed, brushed, done in any way. A bow or rubber band never lasts more than one hour.

You are such a joy to have around and your "three" can't be cuter. I try not to think of you turning four next year, because I know that at that age you will be more kid than toddler, and when I think of that it feels like my breath gets knocked out of me.  How fast time flies!


  1. Such a lovely idea for a post, Sarah! I may just have to borrow it! How quickly and easily those little quirks get forgotten! Our girls LOVE The Sound of Music soundtrack too... Their brother is too small to have any say in the matter just yet!! All in good time! Claire X

  2. What a sweet sweet girl! Fun post...

  3. Your little girl sounds absolutely adorable! Reminds me a lot of my four year old! I love your parenting advice and encouragements... I was wondering if you have any advice about how to encourage a shy child to still have good manners to others... I have been struggling with this with my four year old. Like responding when spoken to, saying thank you etc.

    1. Hi Barb-They are so little-and that is all we can do I think is encourage. I think there is no "forcing" that can happen, but we can encourage. Janey will whisper "hi" and whisper "thank you". Yesterday at the post office she put all my letters in the box, and an older lady thought it was the cutest thing, and asked her if she wanted to put her letters in too, but Janey shook her head no because she wasn't certain of who this person was. I felt bad for the lady, but I knew I had to respect Janey also-she just wasn't comfortable with a stranger's request yet. It's ok-I know Abbey was like this and she definitely grew out of it!

  4. Wow! I got a little teary! I started thinking of my own children & their goofy, adorable antics that go away as fast as they come. Thank you for your blog. It helps moms such as myself who feel like I'm stumbling in the dark. You're blog & recipes is a blessing :)

  5. Love this. How sweet she is.
    One thing I did (and forgive me if I told you this already), but I wrote down all of the funny things my kids said so I could remember them forever. It’s a little red book that my kids still read today (at 24, 21 and 15 years of age!!)
    Here’s a post that I wrote about it (back when I actually wrote in my blog).

  6. My "baby" (she's almost four) ADORES babies too! I figure she's going to be the best aunt when her older brothers and sisters start having babies. She'll get to love on all of them!

  7. Happy New Year to you and your Family!

  8. Wyatt turned four in October... I cried and cried and cried for weeks. Last baby turning four is rough. But he's much nicer to be around as a four year old than a three year old, so I at least have that to console me.