Strawberry Shortcake Face

We were lucky to hear a beautiful green house out in the country that sells the best strawberries.  It made me question why I was staying in town and doing all the work of adding on-acres of fields, beautiful big barns, rolling hills (which is rare where we live) and just quiet.  I know the downside is I'd be spending hours in the car driving to this, that and the other.  It doesn't help that when I'm at home there are air compressors going off every day.  I have to remind myself that it's all worth it. One day soon, I'll have my ordinary days back.

Everyone keeps telling me how old Janey works.  I only have two more months before I'll have a two year old.  She is so sweet (and hates all the noise of construction also).  She loves her scooter-that's all she wants to do-ride up and down the sidewalk on her scooter.

It was the weekend of graduation parties-we have two more next week also.  This week three little girls (one niece) who used to play at my house, play Polly Pockets, and dress up and American Girl dolls, are leaving for college.  How can that be?  Time moves too quickly.

On another note-
I have met some great "worker guys" with neat stories.  I have studied and made some enlightening (and not surprising) observations.  Here are a few:
-Those over the age of 60 (give or take) have a noticeably different work ethic.  They work harder, and longer, and show up when they are supposed to, and do what they say they are going to do.
-Those who grew up with big families, and out on farms, also have a strong work ethic.  Maybe it's the chipping in, not a lot of money, high expectations at an early age to work.
-I've met two father/son teams and these were my favorite.  When there is a family stake in the business, there is a reputation to uphold-fair and honest and hardworking for sure.

One man was from a big Catholic family, grew up on a farm, grandfather was an immigrant who came to American with literally nothing-when he died he had money hidden everywhere in his house and lived so simply that everyone felt sorry for him (he didn't trust banks-Depression era).  When this man's mother went to the hospital to have her first, her sister was in labor also-they had their babies together, but his mom lost her baby-he was stillborn.  The couples shared a car-she rode home next to her sister-baby in arms-empty-handed.  She told her husband tearfully, "I'm going to have ten more babies."  And she did-in 16 years!

Another (one of seven) was very hard of hearing.  He told me that they didn't find out he had a hearing problem till he graduated high school...somehow he made it through...he always sat at the front of the class. He planned on joining the Marines to put himself through college, but they wouldn't take him and that's the first time he had a hearing test and was told he had some major hearing loss.  He was crushed-and tried every military branch but was rejected each time.  Instead he went into the wood floor business with his Dad and has made a living that way ever since. His dad (almost eighty) came to help him.  He was so sweet-but oh boy, so stooped over.  Both worked two jobs to support their families.

Well, Janey's up from her nap.
Summer thunderstorm in progress, one of my favorite things.  What is it with the smell of rain in summer?  Love it.


  1. What interesting people you are meeting these days!! I love hearing stories like that! Enjoy your rainstorm...there's nothing like it!

  2. Janey is so precious!! Our baby girls are growing up so fast, Sarah! Taylor will be 2 in November and it's so hard to believe. Those strawberries look so yummy! We were in the Texas Hill Country this past weekend and took the kids to a local farmer's market...there were so many beautiful fruits and veggies to choose from--it made me long to live in the country and have my own garden someday.

  3. First, I love summer rain. Second, almost two! I hope it will be a Terrific Twos, not a Terrible Two's. ;) And I'm not surprised that the older folks, those with bigger families, and just farmers in general have better work ethics than others. Still, great observations!

  4. Beautiful Janey! Love the sweet life stories of the construction workers!! Your blog is so inspiring and has helped me many times in young mama hood!! Thank you!

  5. They do grow so fast Sarah. It really is crazy how fast it goes. Soon that construction will be done and it will be so nice having the extra space.

  6. Great post! I get so excited when I see you gave written a new post! :) I love hearing the stories of other people's lives. Their loves and their losses. Their good times and hard times. Janey is so cute. She reminds me of Patrick when he was that age...blonde hair and big blue eyes. They do grow up almost without us noticing, except for those moments when we do and we feel shocked and unprepared and of course sentimental. Please keep your blog posts coming. I love your way of writing and you add value to my days. :)

  7. oh I just love hearing your collected stories! I don't know if I've commented before but I truly love your blog. There was a time when blogging was fairly new and I would try to keep up with so many. Now, I am down to following about 3 and yours will always be on it. I am a Catholic mom of 7 ages 15-3 and I think I am very similar to you especially in my love of simple home style, big families and preserving childhood and family culture. You are an inspiration to me and I hope to read many more posts. I know you took down several, but I want you to know how glad I was to read them even though they are gone now. One of my favorites (out of so many) is reading our account of your family reunion. My husband and I are both from small families and seeing the generational culture that y'all have is just a wonderful reminder to me when i feel overwhelmed of what I am working towards. God bless you and yours.

  8. I miss it when you don't post. I miss seeing your family photos. I miss your cookie and food photos. That little apple cheeked Janey could have been Patrick's twin. Thank you for the update, keep them coming.