Ordinary Days on Monday Morning

(A rare moment when every kid is in one room at the same time!)

Just a quick post because I have 15 minutes till I have to take Patrick to the doctor's office for what I think might be swimmer's ear.  That poor kid is tough and never complains about a thing, but is definitely under the weather.

I am counting the days till the addition is finished, but still trying to enjoy summer before it gets away which it always seems to.   I'm reminding myself that I am going to do the most basic things to make this house live-able and all the fun decorating stuff will have to wait till later when kids go back to school and I have the brain to process and ponder and make good choices.  The cleaning-I can't wait to get my hands on every wall and baseboard and closet-it just seems pointless right now when they are sanding drywall.  Cough, cough.

I found this quote by Rachel Jancovic and I love it:
The whole essay is here and wonderful.

Live the gospel in the things that no one sees. 
Sacrifice for your children in places that only they will know about. 
Put their value ahead of yours. 
Grow them up in the clean air of gospel living. 
Your testimony to the gospel in the little details of your life is more valuable to them than you can imagine. 
If you tell them the gospel, but live to yourself, they will never believe it. 
Give your life for theirs every day, joyfully. 
Lay down pettiness. 
Lay down fussiness. 
Lay down resentment about the dishes, about the laundry, about how no one knows how hard you work.


  1. Sarah, what will the additional space be? Is it a sun room? We start a complete kitchen renovation right after Labor Day and I'm dreading it already. I've already put it off twice. I was going to attempt it this spring before my son's graduation. I'm so glad I didn't. It's stressful enough just with end of year activities. I love the quote!

  2. Love Rachel Jancovic! Thanks so much for sharing her essay. That quote is just what I needed today.

  3. That's an amazing picture, of them all together. A full table, something I'm dreaming of.

    The addition looks great, but I know the dust it comes with. Just hang in there, it'll be wonderful.

  4. I'm a big Rachel Jankovic fan! Thank you for sharing... Always find your blog so encouraging and honest and real. Love stopping by!

  5. What a great quote! So nice to see your family all together!! I have been thinking of you lately - I am going through my house making my list of projects I want to tackle this summer during the days when the kids are at camp...Right now I am working on one of our bathrooms. Joy of joys!

  6. I'm excited to see your new kitchen and missing your blog posts:)

  7. Whenever I'm out with our three boys (under 4 - we have twins), people say the craziest stuff! 99% of the time I truly smile and try to (humbly) say one of or some combination of, "I don't know a parent who isn't busy ... I'm so grateful ... We're so lucky ... Three healthy children ..." NOW I have the perfect response to the "hands-full" quip :-)

  8. Can't wait to see the addition all finished! I have always loved your simple and practical, yet stunning, style of home decor and house stuff.

  9. Such a sweet photo Sarah of all your children together...hoping all goes well with the new addition--I'm sure it will be beautiful!!