A Walk Down Memory Lane

In no particular order:
Isaac, Abbey, Matt and Andrew-our first year in this house.

Seriously, Andrew was the cutest toddler ever.

This was at our old 1840's house and I have such fond memories of Halloween there-we lived right "downtown" and it was hoppin' on Halloween-everyone went hog-wild on the decorations and during trick-or-treat hours if you stood in the street it looked right out of a Norman Rockwell-ish painting, with kids running here, there and everywhere, and little screams and giggles and wagons and flashlights, and leaves whipping in the wind.

Getting a little older...Isaac not in the picture because he was with a friend.  It was so hard to start to "lose" the older kids on this night-of course they wanted to be with friends, I remember the same thing myself.  

 Isaac! (now 19, then about 3 or 4?)

Sweet little Abbey in my favorite costume ever at our first house.  My mom had bought it for her at a shop that sold handmade/knitted items.  This is a simple nurse costume.  I still have it-it is awaiting Janey one day.

Oh boy-Isaac again.  He wanted to be the most complicated Pokemon out there.  But I did it-with yards and yards of blue felt and bags of stuffing.  Every time Jeff sees this picture he laughs till he cries.  But it's probably more crying now.  Years go so fast!

This is me, in my princess costume.  I still remember helping my mom make it.  We had such a little street to trick-or-treat on.  We'd come home with maybe 10 pieces of candy max, but I couldn't control my happiness.  So much so that I'd have so many butterflies, I'd make myself sick every Halloween.  I lost my glitter wand this Halloween and some sweet older lady brought it back from her walk the next morning.  Good thing because I was up all night worried about it.

Growing up, with a new addition, baby Patrick.  

Another Pokemon, this time I had more confidence in myself, as far as Pokemon go.

A beautiful summer-ish night-a hippy, a train, and a soccer player.  So easy!

This seems like yesterday!

I will never let this costume go.

Jeff as super diaper baby or something.  He's going to the Father-Daughter dance this year as Pee-Wee Herman, much to Abbey's chagrin.

I really hate dressing up for Halloween-I feel like I have my hands full enough just getting the kids costumes ready!  Hence the cat mask.  That's as far as I go.

Patrick is wearing the elephant costume that I made for Isaac at the same age.  I can't believe it's endured so many Halloweens, with my sub-par sewing skills.  It's a miracle.

Matthew as a cowboy.

And this was Janey last year, with her big sis.  They both look so much older this year!

Well, I've managed to make myself cry on Halloween.

Happy Halloween!  
Have a fun candy-filled, spooky night.
Rain or no rain, high winds or thunderstorms, you can't stop us.


  1. Aw, that is so much fun (and just a little sad) looking back! What fun for the kids! Go, go, go for the candy!

  2. Love all the costumes! Loved the stroll down Halloween memory lane!

  3. Love it all!! That chicken costume is so cute. I saw one of those with a baby in a wagon with straw all around the sides like a nest. It was adorable! I also love that nurse costume and it's awesome that you save these!

  4. This is all so adorable. And sad. And happy. Couldn't they grow slower?

  5. Awh, so cute and fun to look through! E is looking with me and his favorite was the green hairy monster. He also thought your ballerina photo was a ghost, haha. No, not a ghost, E, just an old picture! :) :) Happy Halloween!

  6. Okay Sarah...I have to call you out on this "Take One"? You do know that was always a kid's dream situation (but only for the first kid to get to the bucket). :)

    1. Susan....I know! But almost every year we are gone for 2 hours, and we come back and the bucket is still almost full. I wish someone would come and take it ALL! :)

  7. I love Abby's '80's costume. But I'm aghast that only a few years later it's not a costume!!. People are wearing that again for real. Way too soon to bring back '80's fashion--if ever. Not a decade to replicate. Except at Halloween. It's perfect.

  8. I started reading your blog when Patrick was a baby at Halloween, so it just blows my mind too!

  9. Reading to my kids before naptime, I thought of you today. Have you read "Where's My Baby" by H.A. Rey? I think you'd love the classic Curious George-like illustrations. And I think you'd especially love the last page, where the mother looks for her babies...and you lift the flap and you see a little swarm of five or six kids come running. (My kids misplaced our book, so I can't look and find it and count at the moment.) We love it at our house. Kathy

    1. Thank you Kathy! I will look order it...sounds like I would love it.

  10. We had the same chicken costume and a monkey one too! I sold them and regret it, they were the cutest ever!

  11. That exact same thing happened to us last year. Halloween was rescheduled until Nov. 2 and everything about it just felt wrong! Ha

  12. making me cry BEFORE you said you were gonna cry.....

  13. Very happy and beautiful Halloween pictures of your children!