Friday, February 15, 2013

A Big Thank You

Oh my goodness, you guys really came through for me.  Thank you SO much!  When I quickly typed out that post last Sunday night (after a frustrating argument with a boy who insists that there are NO good books and he's soooo bored to death because I never let him go on the computer or play video games...wahhhh!), I woke up to so many terrific comments filled with book suggestions.  I took the liberty to order a bunch from the library and you all gave me this incredible resource of books to have for this "bored boy" age group for the rest of my life.

Parenting is hard sometimes in this day and age and it makes me sad.  Sometimes I doubt myself for sure.  I am told often by my kids that we are the only family that doesn't allow this or that.  Now I know this isn't true, and I try hard to be fair about rules but I have to trust my maternal instincts also, and insist on the standards I feel comfortable with in my house.  But I get weary sometimes of all of it.  It's so much easier just to say yes, go ahead, rot your brain out and stop bothering me.  I want my kids to be readers, I want them to be smart, I want them to not grow up staring at a darn screen their whole lives.  I miss the days when us kids had a few choices:
1. Go outside and play-with or without friends.
2. Stay inside and play.
3. Read a book.

Thanks again for all your suggestions!  We have a stack awaiting us at the library.