My Patrick Elf

I asked Patrick, while driving home after preschool last week,  if he would be my helper-elf when we arrived home and take all the packages from the front door (where they had been dropped off by the friendly UPS woman) to my closet.  I told him it was a big deal to be a helper elf, and the really hard part was that he couldn't open any of the packages and look in them because they were all surprises.

I could see a little look of resignation in his eyes when I told him about the no-opening part-it's so hard at 4 to wait, isn't it?

But then he took a big sigh and said, "Sure I'll help you Mom.  They're all probably filled with makeup and clothes anyways."  Make up and clothes-the worst of the worst I guess and what he needed to guard himself against curiosity getting the best of him.

*By the way, he wears that outfit in the photo above every single day at home.  The minute we leave to go out he changes into normal clothes and the minute he gets home, he changes right back into his favorite basketball outfit.


  1. From the time that he was about 3.5 until he graduated from high school, my middle child always wore our high school colors. I used to tell him that if it weren't for orange and black, he would be naked.

    Love and miss that about little boys!

  2. He's so cute! My Nathan is having a hard time waiting for Christmas too... "it's taking sooooo long."

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  3. I can just hear the disgust in his voice over the surprise being make-up and clothes! My 7 year old has his own version of the basketball outfit worn just about every waking moment. It is a superhero t-shirt and boxer shorts for a much bigger person than he is, so they look like clothes. Since we homeschool....he doesn't take a break from them until I make him take them off so I can wash them! Even if it is cold, he will just layer stuff on over them and every now and then, give us a TADA moment and reveal that he has actually had them on the whole time!

  4. That sweet little servant smile.

  5. Sarah:
    I wondered if my 12 year old son was short on clothing and I hadn't paid attention for a long time, or if he was autistic and "had" to wear only certain clothes to make himself feel comfortable, but he does the exact same thing. A yellow tee shirt and green basketball shorts. And yes, even in the Winter.

  6. He is so, so cute. What a sweet helper!

  7. I think 4 may be my favorite age for little boys. :)

    Of course, big boys are great, too!

  8. Cutest elf! Makeup & clothes, ick. ;) My birthday is this month, and my husband keeps asking frantically what I want, while I reassure him that REALLY, I'm taking care of myself. Then yesterday, three boxes from UPS arrived on our porch--not for Christmas. ;)

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